6 Low Cost Promotional Product Ideas for your Next Trade Show

Promotional products are a great way to forge a relationship with customers (existing and potential). At the same time they serve as a good giveaway that boosts recall value for businesses and brands. From low cost items to the costly and bizarre, promotional products can do wonders for your business.

TastyTrailers sticker

So, are you participating in a trade show and have some really great products to grab eyeballs at the event? Are you looking for that little something to give away as a freebie and stand out in the crowd? Let us take a look at what you can offer as promotional products:

1. Can Holders

Inexpensive can holders are another good idea for promotional products. Use them to promote your products by helping people keep drinks hot or cold. Personalize them with your company name and help spread smiles and leverage your brand equity each time someone reaches out for a hot or cold drink.

2. T-Shirts


photo credit: Shannon / Flickr

Items of personal use are greatly appreciated by customers and everyone loves a cool T-shirt. What’s more? You can get a lot of mileage out of the fact that your brand or product is something people are brandishing across their chests wherever they go. The good thing about opting for a T-Shirt as a promotional item is that you can get them made in bulk quantities and the same can be used by your employees to either wear to work or for meet ups and company events.

3. Stickers

KISSmetrics promo stickers

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Another cool item that has multiple uses, you can print in bulk and get very good discounts on them too. Have a short and sweet message and your brand will be peeping out at the driver in the car behind. What could be better than a mobile message in the form of a sticker that travels places on cars and bikes? That way your brand gains visibility beyond geographical constraints.

4. Key chains

Etsy custom keychain

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A small item that is very useful, a keychain is something you can invest in to get the word around. Everyone needs key chains for house keys, car key, office keys and just any keys. A key chain is a handy item with a very wide reach.

5. Mugs

Everyone needs a mug to drink tea or coffee or any other beverage. Mugs are commonly used promotional products which I recommend simply because the need for them is so basic and common. You can reach so many people with your advertising message simply because everyone sips a cup of something hot or cold every day.

6. Magnets

iPhone app fridge magnets

photo credit: Chris / Flickr

Magnets are small and interesting souvenirs that make great gifts. This is why I suggest magnets as a promotional product. Add a quote or a short, friendly message to your brand name or logo and you will definitely score great brownie points with existing and potential customers. A magnet is a common item you can find on a refrigerator in every home. So it makes sense to opt for it as promotion.

Hoping you find these ideas simple, easy and low cost as well as functional enough to leave a long lasting impression on people long after the show!

Cover photo credit: Gerren Lamson / Dribbble


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