5 Tips to Increase Conversions with Decent Website Design

Is it possible that your website design negatively affects the conversions you expect to get? The answer is yes! If you would like to increase your sales and to attract more new customers, you need to avoid some of the mistakes made by other business owners regarding their web design.

Web design

Although the traffic to your site is very important, something that you really need to be entirely focused on is whether people who visit your site decide to buy from your products or not. If the traffic you receive is not converted into real sales, it is useless.

There are specific things about the design, which can change the attitude of the visitors in a positive or negative direction. Here you will find some hints that will help you increase conversions on your website, using appropriate website design.

1. Make It Easy to Read

People are extremely busy today, so they are looking to find information they need within a few seconds. They will try to scan your website to see if it is well worth their time or they would rather choose another source of information. For this reason, it is crucial to arrange the text in short paragraphs with sub categories or bullets to navigate the readers to their point of interest.

2. Choose a Logical Website Structure

The structure of your sections should be logical to help visitors easily navigate around. If the website’s structure is out of logic, people will get confused and rather will choose another website to buy from. To increase conversions on your website, you may need to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes to arrange all the sections and sub sections properly.

3. Highlight all Important Details

Highlight all important words in your content, such as offers, promotions, showcases, and more, so they would not be overlooked by the readers. Make them to stand out of the other words in an appealing way, as too obtrusive highlighting does not look professional and may drive them back. On the other hand, make the information easily reachable, so your visitors don’t have to dig around being directed from page to page until they reach the targeted promotion. It is likely that they will just give up half the way.

4. Make Your Design Compatible for Different Devices

Nowadays, the computer is not the only tool that people use to visit websites. Most of the online surfers use their tablets and smartphones to access any info they need. The good website design will resize automatically the content based on the device to make it convenient for reading. This will help you reach much more possible clients than you probably have thought.

5. Call Your Visitors to Take Action

Action words are essential for increasing conversions on your website. The visitors maybe often quite close to make a decision and they need someone to give them a fillip to make an order. You can choose some strong calls that will motivate them to action.

To increase conversions on your website, you need to make the visit of your website’s guests a pleasurable experience. This is possible with a skilled and experienced web designer, who will take into consideration all the facts listed above when he works on your website appearance.


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