5 Ways to Add Value to your Business Marketing

The techniques and processes of marketing in the modern business world are changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with what makes sense and what’s just a waste of time and money. The answers aren’t necessarily readily available either, when it comes to asking the simply question of ‘well then what do I have to do in order to succeed?’

Attractive marketing

So, in place of these definite answers, your best bet is to approach the situation as a series of experiments, and roll with the punches as you try the following five techniques to add value to your marketing concept, including presenting educational resources, allowing real-time interaction, being socially consistent, using customer surveys, and shortening your feedback loop.

Present Educational Resources

One of the most straightforward ways to increase the value of your marketing is to not just market the value your goods and services have, but also to include educational resources that point toward other aspects of your industry. By linking your customers to other valuable resources, you are in essence adding to your own value, without having to do all of the extra work! The better you can do this education linking, the higher marketing reputation you’ll get.

Allow Real-time Interaction

Because of the mobile revolution, real-time interaction is more important than ever, especially in a way that people can get information about your business whenever they want, wherever they want. To help you with this, create a real-time chat option on your website, and allow potential clients to connect with you instantly. This type of business marketing allows for the opening and closing of deals nearly instantly, instead of having any kind of lag in the timeline.

Be Socially Consistent

There’s no way to underestimate the importance of social media in business marketing these days. Without a consistent output among all of the major platforms and outlets, you’re missing out on huge segments of people that may be searching for exactly what you offer, but they have no way of finding you!

Use Customer Surveys

Another way to add value to your business marketing plan is to regularly use customer surveys. These can be short, two or three question hit-the-bubble type surveys, or longer-form ones that have spaces to write entire segments of feedback in. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for people to use these, and maybe even give them something in return for their submission, like a discount code for example.

Shorten Your Feedback Loop

In the old days, it took long tracts of time to get input about your business marketing and then institute any kind of change. Now, with the way tech is set up, you can respond almost instantly to any moving market, and then just keep adjusting as you go along for maximum return on investment.


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