Four Marketing Tactics that Should be Employed on Your Website

When it comes to having a business website, it is important to understand what the purpose of your site is for. Basically, a website is an advertising and marketing tool that is a hub for a business’ online presence. That sounds important, right?

Business owner accessing business website

Well, it is. Take a look at this example of a well put together static website page. You don’t need to click anywhere but that page to see many examples of what your website should have if you want it to be an exceptional marketing tool.

1. About Your Business

Even though you don’t need to provide all of your information on one static webpage, you do want to make sure that your lead in page has links to the other places you really want people to see on your website, and that you make sure those links are visible so that they are easy to find.

What do you offer to your clients? Make sure you start your about page with a description of your services and what they can do for people. You can still tell them your story, but make it short and sweet. They really just want to know what you can do for them.

It also helps to make sure that you include contact information, including a business address if you have a brick and mortar site, and your hours of operation.

2. Client Testimonials

Make sure that you set up a page, or at least some space, to share some good words from happy clients that have worked with you in the past. People like to see what other real people think of a business and what they do before investing in it themselves.

A testimonial is really kind of like a review. You can also share links to places that may have reviews on your products and services. People will probably be searching them out anyway, so why not make it a little easier for them.

3. Your Blog

Your blog is an excellent marketing tool. and it is the one place where you can take the time to research and show people your true expertise in your line of work. Because it is such an important part of internet marketing, make sure the link to your blog is in a visible and prominent place so that people can find it.

4. Links To Social Media

Social media is also an important marketing tool, and you should make sure to have links to each of your social media sites in an easy to find place on your website. Almost everyone that is online uses social media, so make sure you are getting to people every way you can. Plus, social media will help build your brand awareness.


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