Lessons in Marketing: How to Use Promotional Items to your Advantage

Every business should incorporate promotional products as a part of their marketing campaign. When implemented well, promotional items can generate a stream of leads and referrals; as well as increasing the brand awareness for the business.

Promotional items

Many promotional items are typically used by business owners at trade shows and are given to family, friends and neighbouring businesses to create awareness. Although this is a great start, there are many other ways promotional items can be used to boost brand awareness and value to your business. Use the following tips from Melbourne’s Promotional Product Experts.

They can be used to create more compelling direct mailing campaigns

Direct mail marketing can be an effective marketing channel to drive qualified leads and sales to your business. However, the recipients of the mail tend to receive a lot of mail, making it more difficult for your mail to break through the noise.

Using promotional products in mail campaigns can help your direct mail piece ‘stand out from the crowd’. Expert direct mail marketers like Bill Glazer and Dan S. Kennedy notice that the response rate for these types of campaigns are significantly higher when compared to sending flat envelopes. This translates into increased leads, sales and revenue.

They can be used as ‘bonus gifts’ that will increase the value of what your business is selling

You can use promotional products to add a competitive differentiation with your products or services. The gifts can increase the perceived dollar value of what you are selling and incentivise prospective buyers to proceed with the sale.

People that receive the bonus product are also more likely to revere the bonus gift in their lifestyle. For example, an athlete that purchases sports shoes might receive a free bag worth $50. The athlete will use and promote the branded bag at sports events and training grounds, improving the brand awareness for the business.

Use promotional products as rewards

You can use promotional product items as rewards to incentivise customers to purchase product or service upgrades. For example, a protein shake company might offer a free protein shaker flask for purchases over $100. This will help improve the transaction value, while allowing the customer to promote the business’s brand.

Use promotional products to improve your relationship with major customers

Improving the loyalty and commitment with existing buyers is important for improving the long-term relationship and endorsement of your brand. Businesses can reward existing clients for their business with promotional items such as customised pens, personalised keyrings or a personalised stationery suite.

They can be used as giveaways to incentivise people to engage with your business

If you are exhibiting at a trade show, running street promotions or promoting a competition, a great way to incentivise people to engage with your brand is by giving away your promotional items. Simple items like bags can provide more convenience to their lifestyle, while allowing your business to gain more brand exposure.

What are some of the benefits of using promotional products?

There are several benefits that come from using promotional products. These include:

  • The branded products serving as a ‘mobile billboard’ for your business. When people hold onto these promotional items, it is like putting a commercial into their hands.
  • They serve as practical items that they can use to add convenience to their lives.
  • They allow your business’s brand to remain at the front of the mind of potential customers.
  • They serve a constant reminder to your potential buyers about your business.
  • They trigger brand recall, allowing your business to remain at the front of their minds.

When promotional items are used well, they add value to your business’s perceived brand and long-term sales value. By using some of the tips provided, your business should be able to attract more qualified leads and generate sales via a promotional product strategy.


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