Difficult Sells: Hot Spruce Up Your ‘Uninteresting’ Product

As Morrissey didn’t say, some products are easier to sell than others. The latest Game of Thrones Big Book of Sex Scenes, that’s an easy sell. It’s a great title and, frankly, an SEO goldmine. The perv in all of us would love to read it – and we all know why you’re really tuning into the swords and sexing HBO show every week.

Game of Thrones

But then there are the difficult sells, the niche products that have to jostle their way through the competition and push into the limelight without customers falling asleep during their pitch. Without the proper nourishment, these speciality products will flounder like a fish in outer space.

There are plenty of tricks and sleights of hand to help customers engage with potentially snooze-worthy products, and they don’t have to be taxing.

Selling glue

To prove the point, let’s look at a company which sells an anodyne product with the commitment and care it deserves.

Tensor is an industrial adhesives company that rose through the ranks and hit the headiest heights in their niche industry. Their pride of place in the industry has turned them into a global player, hard won through great customer service, high-quality products and the ability to turn a seemingly samey item into something your company desperately needs.

TensorGrip packaging

This is in part because the diversity of their products is unmatched by other suppliers. They’ll sell you marine glue, cleaning adhesives, glues for oil and gas works, joinery, and even supply you with all the tools you need to help with adhesive application.

The right tone

And customers are receptive to their brand image. It doesn’t try to be whacky or overly crazy. There are no madcap competitions or misguided attempts at jokes on Twitter. At the same time they’re not duller than your grandad’s ailing vision. They’ve managed what most companies only dream of – they’ve pitched their content in a refreshingly even and unfussy way WITHOUT sending their audience to sleep.

So many companies attempt to look gregarious when they don’t have to. In most cases, and especially when you’re trying to sell to professionals, all you need is a capsule description of the advantages of your products.

This product page for marine glue is a great example. A few puns in the description keep interest afloat while drip-feeding you the reasons you should purchase a Tensor glue. They don’t bore you to tears with a history of their company or make you read reams of text to get to the point. They give the customer what they want, and do so in an even and succinct manner.

Take a leaf out of their book the next time you think your product is dull and unengaging. Just be unfussy and get straight to the core of what you want to say.


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