How to Track your Employees Time and Still Be Seen as a Good Boss

If there is something that can put off your employees’ working spirit, it has to do with looking over their shoulders again and again while they are working. To many of them, tracking is an unnecessary administrative nuisance that has to be done away with because it is just a waste of time.

Happy and productive employee

Companies know that they have to time track their employees whether they like it or not because it is really important in gauging their productivity in the business. In fact, to avoid rubbing their employees the wrong way, several companies have tried to come up with creative and fun ways of time tracking that you may have read on tech news.

But, being a leader in your business, how do you track your employees without arousing their anger towards you?

Teach them about the importance of time tracking

It is very easy to create a negative attitude from your employees if you keep telling them to work hard without explaining why they need to do so and how the business and eventually they will benefit from their hard work. A successful business means successful employees, and the opposite is true. For instance, tell them that time tracking will ensure that they don’t waste their time on unsuccessful projects or that you need accurate data to automate the payroll that will make sure that they get paid on time. In the end, they will view time tracking from a positive perspective definitely for the success of the company with themselves included.

Tell them the importance of a purpose-driven company

Despite knowing the importance of tracking, there will be employees who will still lack behind in their efforts. Tracking will enable you to know the projects that your employees spend most of their time on, the projects that they are best at and the teams that perform best. This will help the company in allocating duties and concentrate on productive projects. .

Monitor from a distance

By this time, your employees already know why they need to ensure the success of the business and should be working towards a common goal. You will need to monitor their progress but not like the big brother. In this way, you will identify those who are reluctant to keep time and those who are adhering to the correct time.

You don’t need to micromanage them; in fact, you can give them some power to hold each other accountable because they will feel better when they are part of the implementation process.

Use creative time tracking tools

Employees don’t feel comfortable when you are physically monitoring them and anyway, they will stop working the moment you move out.

If you are keen on getting the latest tech news, it is now possible to track employee time from everywhere, finish your payroll within a few minutes and manage your timesheets in real time thanks to online time clock providers like ClockSpot; that allows you to know when your employees arrive and leave work, automate your payroll, monitor your employees remotely and eliminate buddy clocking. This not only saves money but also time as it makes tracking and monitoring of your employees easier than ever before. The best part of it is that employees love it, and you won’t have to worry about negative feedbacks from them anymore.

Office cubicles

Time tracking of your employees physically can be a tedious job especially when they are showing an ‘I don’t want to do it’ attitude. Keeping up with the upcoming tech news can help identify the technology that can make your administrative work easier.


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