Spying On Cell Phone of Employees from Across the Globe

Mobile BI helps businesses to spot, collect, analyze, and use valuable business data to improve sales and revenues, while managing costs. Although the concept of Mobile BI shows monumental growth in businesses, incidences involving employees compromising sensitive company data are on the rise. This explains why the use of apps for spying on cell phone of employees is necessary for business owners across the world.

Mobile business intelligence

Mobile Business Intelligence is a growing trend in the world, and it has been around for nearly a decade or more. Its success comes because of the advantages smartphones offer in this new mobile computing era. By definition, Mobile BI means a strategy that helps mobile employees to gain business insight through optimized application installed on their cell phones.

Using XnSpy, which is one of the reputable mobile spying apps in the market, makes monitoring the activities happening on the cell phones of employees easy and provides data to employers within the shortest time imaginable.

Advantages of Spying on Cell Phone of Employees with XNSPY

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1. Better Accountability

Business owners can use monitoring apps to spy on their employees by giving them company issued cell phones (iOS or Android) to keep track of all the information shared via their cell phone. Informing the employees that such apps are on the cell phone can alert them to be transparent at work.

Special features of such apps, like access to SMS, iMessages, Facebook messenger, and other internet messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc. allow business owners to monitor all conversation of the employee. This helps prevent their leaking sensitive information to competitors, which can compromise the security of the company.

2. Instant GPS Tracking

Because mobile business have employees constantly on the go, installing the app in the cell phone offers an affordable and reliable way to keep an eye on the movement of employees. The advantage this offers is improved efficiency and helps business owners to make sure their resources are not wasting away on the employees’ personal errands.

3. Monitor Contacts

Knowing whom the employee talks with via the cell phone is also important in order to make sure that the employee strictly uses the company issued phone for official work. After installing the app, business owners can check the contacts list from the control panel at any time, and from anywhere. If an employee is a suspect in espionage against the company, business owners can “watchlist” specific contacts. This means that the app will notify the employer almost instantly.

4. Monitor Emails

The use of emails is part of every business. It offers the quickest way to send important information across the globe. If business owners are concerned about how efficiently employees are using their emails, they can use tracking apps to check the Gmail account of their employee from across the globe frequently.

5. Record Calls

To maintain best practices, whenever necessary, business owners can listen to recorded calls made via the target employees’ cell phone. From a business perspective, listening to recorded calls made by customers to call the mobile employee when there is a disagreement may be necessary. The app must have the capacity to upload the recorded files to the employer’s control panel within the shortest time possible and send a notification about it to the employer.

6. Monitor Brower History

Sometimes, business owners can use data obtained from the browser’s history in the employees’ cell phone. For the purpose of Mobile BI, reporting the usage of internet to browse websites by employees can be an important requirement. It tells employers if the employee is using idle time for productive activities or wasting time for no reason. Since employers cannot keep an eye on their employees while they are out of their sight, using the app helps to make sure the employees don’t waste tile idly and focus on the task assigned.

7. Record Surroundings of Cell Phone

For spying on employees’ cell phone effectively, it is important to use an app that has the capacity to record the sounds near the cell phone. This way, employers can hear what employees discuss in their absence to know what they say about their bosses, or if they compromise sensitive secrets about the company.

8. Geo-fencing

XNSPY offers employers the capability to mark specific no-go areas. Whenever the mobile employee violates instructions and goes to those places, the app notifies the employer. Thereby, allowing employers to take necessary measures.


If you have fears about managing employees scattered across the globe and making sure that they work efficiently without wasting time and resources, using monitoring apps for spying on cell phone of employees is a great idea.


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