Careers: The Most Popular College Majors

High school seniors certainly feel the pressure when it comes time to decide upon what colleges they’ll be applying to and what majors they’ll be declaring upon receiving those acceptance letters and completing their enrollment at their chosen colleges and universities. But, as with everything else, when it comes to college majors, there are those that are certainly more popular than others and that attract the most students for a variety of reasons.

College students

If you’re on the hunt for a great college, but you’re not quite sure what major to declare yet, read through the following list of some of the most popular college majors today. It may help you narrow down your choices or find the one that’s absolutely right for you.

Business Administration

Business Administration often tops the list of the most popular college majors because it offers a broad range of education to students who either want to enter the business world working for someone else or want to start and operate their own successful businesses instead.

With a Business Administration major, you’ll learn a little bit of everything, from accounting and finance to management and marketing, including how to make the right decisions and build the best business plan for every type of industry. And, once you have achieved your degree you can take it one step further by achieving your masters. Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business offers a number of online MBA programs to help you achieve your online MBA in sustainability for example.


Teachers are always in high demand, especially in urban schools that need extra help getting youths motivated and ready to succeed. Therefore, Education majors are extremely popular. You can graduate with a degree in Education and work on pretty much any grade level, from pre-kindergarten all the way through high school and perhaps even college.

If you want to become a full-time professor in a college, however, you’ll most likely need to pursue a master’s degree or possibly even a PhD before you qualify. Nevertheless, if your dream is to inspire today’s youth and create a better tomorrow by educating the future’s workforce, consider majoring in Education.


Like teachers, nurses are consistently in high demand, especially because they work in myriad environments from long-term care facilities for the elderly to emergency rooms in hospitals. Nurses can specialize in different fields, such as in administering chemotherapy or working in the maternity ward of a hospital. And because the salaries are often quite high for nurses, you’ll get the added benefit of being able to raise your own family and have everything that you need while also working in a field that allows you to help heal others.

However in this competitive field it’s becoming more and more important to further your skills with increased education. There are a large number of postgraduate nursing degrees available, including this degree here which offers a doctoral degree in nursing practice.


Psychology has become a very popular major, especially as more people want to get out there and help others, as well as figure out why criminals behave the way they do and figure out ways to stop crime before it happens. And psychology can actually be utilized in other fields, such as advertising, too. If you want to learn why people do what they do, and you want to learn how to use your knowledge to either help people or help businesses prosper, a degree in Psychology could be a perfect match.

Each major on the list comes with its own unique challenges and benefits.  Decide on the skill set that you want to develop further, and then look for the courses available at your preferred college.  And, remember, there are hundreds of different degree courses available.  Even if none of these sound attractive, you are sure to find something that does.


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