Important Business Skills You Can Learn in College

Entrepreneurs each have a unique story to tell. Some might’ve always planned to start a business, while others pursued the small business life due to other reasons. Maybe they wanted more flexibility or time freedom. Maybe their job options were limited where they live but they could start a new business. Or perhaps it was a natural extension of something they were passionate about.

College student using study apps

Whatever the reason, the life of owning a small business is one of always learning. And one way to learn new business skills is to take college courses.

While it may not be necessary to have a degree in business to succeed in business, there are plenty of skills you can learn that will benefit you greatly.…

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Do What You Love (And Make Money Doing It) With These 6 In-Demand Degrees

Can you really earn a comfortable living pursuing your creative passion? Absolutely. Digital arts schools like The Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna, British Columbia, and many others across North America offer practical arts and technology degrees for ambitious, upwardly mobile creatives looking to make their mark — and earn real money in the process.

Group of students throwing their grad caps in the air

Let’s take a look at six in-demand degrees for creative professionals.

1. Architecture

If you’re allergic to study, architecture probably isn’t the degree for you. A bachelor’s degree in architecture generally takes five years to complete, after which graduates complete three-year internships before officially setting off on their own.…

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Careers: The Most Popular College Majors

High school seniors certainly feel the pressure when it comes time to decide upon what colleges they’ll be applying to and what majors they’ll be declaring upon receiving those acceptance letters and completing their enrollment at their chosen colleges and universities. But, as with everything else, when it comes to college majors, there are those that are certainly more popular than others and that attract the most students for a variety of reasons.

College students

If you’re on the hunt for a great college, but you’re not quite sure what major to declare yet, read through the following list of some of the most popular college majors today.…

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