Important Business Skills You Can Learn in College

Entrepreneurs each have a unique story to tell. Some might’ve always planned to start a business, while others pursued the small business life due to other reasons. Maybe they wanted more flexibility or time freedom. Maybe their job options were limited where they live but they could start a new business. Or perhaps it was a natural extension of something they were passionate about.

College student using study apps

Whatever the reason, the life of owning a small business is one of always learning. And one way to learn new business skills is to take college courses.

While it may not be necessary to have a degree in business to succeed in business, there are plenty of skills you can learn that will benefit you greatly.

Time Management

Need to improve your time management skills, take college classes while you work or run a business. While the classes themselves might teach you something else, you’ll learn time management by juggling the responsibilities that come with running a business and prioritizing study time. You can even take courses remotely through ProPrep online classes. They offer flexibility you won’t get with traditional classes on campus or in a classroom.


There is always something new to learn about marketing. You’ll learn valuable concepts about marketing by taking college courses. When you need new ideas to implement or more in depth education on building marketing plans or creating buyer personas, taking a marketing class can help. Anything you can do to improve your marketing skills will benefit your business and help you grow your reach.

The principles of marketing stay mostly the same, but how you implement those plans will change as technology and tools improve. Marketing is critical for small business owners to do well.

Graphic Design

If you want a great skill you can use for business, graphic design is so helpful. Create your own social media posts, design books, flyers, and so much more. Whether you simply use graphic design classes to help you work on things for your business, or you create a business leveraging your design skills, taking college courses can help.

Graphic design is a high demand service and with excellent talent and skills, you can create a thriving business.

Business Management

There are a lot of business classes you can take through your local college. Business management helps you with the back-end parts of the business that help it run. From business operations to people management, there is a lot to learn. These classes can prepare you to build teams and oversee projects. They also help you develop better communication skills and to learn how to delegate. It gives you an overview of the different parts of running a business. You’ll learn basic principles of accounting, marketing, and even get a taste of business law.


While you may not want to be an accountant, taking an accounting class can help you tremendously with running your business. You’ll learn how to keep accurate books and how to track your income and expenses. You’ll learn how to prepare for tax season and when to file things like quarterly taxes.

Accounting prepares you to be responsible with your business finances so you don’t get in trouble with tax authorities.

Leadership Communication

This specific course can help you develop communication skills that you’ll use directly with your staff, your clients, and vendors for your company. You’ll discover how to negotiate more effectively and how to lead in a way that’s appealing. It doesn’t teach you how to be a boss, but how to lead by example in what you do and how you communicate.

Communication is vital when you run a business and it’s one of the skills you can learn in college.


While a business degree isn’t necessary to start a business, you will learn valuable skills in college that you can use in your entrepreneurial endeavors. There are many skills you need to know how to do to run a business. Taking classes in finance, communications, and even graphic design, can help you get those essential skills.

Once you start hiring employees you can easily outsource all these tasks, but until then, it’s critical to know how to do them yourself.


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