7 Ways to Make Your Business Travel More Efficient

Trips are the best. We look forward to them because they offer us a chance to break free from shackles of daily life. But not all trips are vacations. To an outsider, getting a job with a lot of travel seems like a dream but it can get really stressful if not properly planned. Here are 7 ways you can travel for business more efficiently.

Happy business traveller

Be upbeat about the trip

If the thought of going on a trip makes you reconsider life decisions, it is only going to get worse as departure date approaches. It is absolutely essential to keep yourself highly motivated throughout the whole trip. You can do this by setting your goals for the trip and making sure you set apart some time for sightseeing and shopping.

Working throughout the trip is going to thoroughly demotivate you and have a drastic effect on your productivity.

Pack your luggage well

Packing for a business trip is an art seldom appreciated. Minimalism is key here. Remember to pack all the items you need, ranging from electrical chargers to your business suits. It is easy to just concentrate on work and forget to pack for leisure activities.

Suits are not appropriate everywhere. Include items like old t-shirts and shorts that you can throw out before coming back from the trip. Keep an essentials kit packed if you are a frequently traveler.

Try to distribute all items between your hand luggage and the suitcase you put in the overhead space. Do not stuff everything into one oversized suitcase. Set aside the items you are planning to use during the flight and save yourself the trouble of going through your luggage looking for them just minutes before the plane is about to take-off.

Check your documents before heading out

The most important thing to do before going to the airport is to make sure you have all the important papers you will be need on the trip. This includes passports, tickets, boarding pass, a PAN card seva (if you are required to pay tax), and anything you might need for your work. They must be readily accessible at all times yet safe from getting snatched.

Be Internet-ready

A smartphone with an internet connection can do wonders for you. You can book flight tickets, read travel reviews, find great deals on hotels and much more. An internet connection during travel is a must for efficiency.

Internet is now ingrained in everything that we do, especially for work. Be it for checking emails or facts before presentations. Research beforehand about the availability of internet in the area you will be visiting and make sure you have a working roaming plan on your phone or purchase a new SIM by the time you are out of the airport. You may also want to consider investing in global mobility solutions which provides a single online, cloud based portal for its customers so you can access everything on the go. They also help with the millions of minute details you may overlook while planning to travel.

Have fun please!

Fun business trip

Being motivated and having a clear plan towards the goal is a must on every business trip. It is equally important to not stress over small things. We frequently give in to stress and worry too much when there is absolutely no reason to.

Have a look around the city during your free time, meet the locals and try their cuisine. After all, a business trip is a trip as well, a chance to garner new experiences!

Eat and sleep well

It is essential to remember that good health is a man’s greatest wealth. Eating well and sleeping right is crucial, no matter how hectic your schedule may be. If you think skipping a meal to make some last minute changes or staying up all night to prepare better for the big day is a smart move, you are in for a horror show next day.

Have a proper plan B

You will be put into tight spots during trips and your achievement lies in how well you deal with them. The final tip is to have a proper Plan B. In case things are not going your way, make sure you have an alternate idea in mind to get you out of a potentially miserable situation.


The success of a business trip can be measured by the efficiency with which you got things done. Try to meet all objectives you set before the trip but do not (I repeat, do not) forget to have some fun. Make the best out of your next business trip!


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