How to Win in Retail by Utilizing Shopper and In-store Marketing Strategy (Infographic)

Every retailer in the world works hard to get customers in to their store. Shopper marketing plays a vital role in this area and it focuses on how you need to interact with the customer from the beginning to the end of a transaction. Getting the customer to your store is only half the battle and even when the customer is in your store you still need to tread carefully.


Just because they are in your store doesn’t mean the job is complete and you need to make sure you make their stay as pleasurable as possible. For example, when you consider that 70% of shoppers use a mobile device in a store, how vital does good in-store WIFI become? Shoppers want to find more information about the products in-store on the internet. This doesn’t mean that they will buy the product online as often they just like to check reviews on Amazon before completing the purchase in-store.

In-store media plays a crucial role

Stats have shown that 20% of customer change their mind about a purchase based on in-store media so be sure to give this area careful consideration. Creating the right environment in-store for customers can be achieved and it may just require a few small tweaks to what you’re already doing.

1. Digital signage

If you don’t have digital signage you should think about investing in it as it’s great for capturing a customer’s attention. You will make what you spend back in the long run as you’ll be cutting out the costly ongoing printing expenses. It really is something to consider.

2. In-store music

In-store music is another important area. 90% of customers are more likely to recommend a store that plays music. Yes- you read that correctly- 90%! Silence is not an option and the music you pick is also important. This will depend on what type of store you run and you will need to put some research into that for yourself.

3. Social media

Social media can also play an important role in attracting customers to your store. Why not use social media to inform people about what’s happening in your store? Maybe tell them about any offers you have at the moment or use the new Facebook live tool to show off new stock?

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There are so many great options available that will help optimize the experience for the customer in-store and you can find out more information on what you need to do in this infographic from The Cube.

Shopper marketing infographic


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