Business Meetings Reimagined: Epic Event Ideas That Inspire and Spark Excitement

What you really want to hear from any delegate or business colleague who has just attended one of your organized meetings or events, is when is the next one?

Business meeting event venue

In order to achieve that, you need to arrange everything with care, from choosing the right event representatives (in house or outsource) to choosing the right staging solution (you can find it from the Poet Companies or any other companies dealing with designing and building what you want to make your event one to remember.)

Here is a look at some recent ideas and events that might just get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to create an epic event that manages to generate plenty of excitement and interest.

Seamless integration at NeoCon


NeoCon Chicago – photo credit: Nate Burgos / Flickr

If you are looking for a prime example of how to design a trade show that manages to seamlessly integrates sponsors into the layout without feeling like you are entering a store, NeoCon is an event that has arguably managed to master that art.

Heading for its 50th year of staging, NeoCon is a trade show for the commercial interior design industry. You might not be involved in that line of business, but you can’t fail to be impressed how the one million square feet of space has been cunningly designed to be able to integrate sponsors into the layout with such consummate ease.

The serious business of art

You don’t have to be heavily involved in the artworld either, to see how you can utilize a high level of interest in modern and contemporary art to generate interest and publicity for your own event.

In terms of art and design events, Miami Art Week is largely considered to be the premier art event. It is all the events attached to it, like the parties, sponsored events and concerts that serve to make it such a hugely popular data in many people’s diaries.

Maybe this even can provide you with some inspiration to make the most of such as popular cultural pursuit like art, and use it as a backdrop to generate widespread interest in whatever event you decide to stage.

Using a high-profile presenter

Another proven strategy for generating a lot of interest and publicity for your event, as well as hopefully ensuring that it is a well-attended success, is to engage the services of a high-profile presenter.

A classic example of how this sort of strategy can turn your event into something memorable, would be to see how the Secret Knock event has evolved and grown from humble beginnings.

Secret Knock event

Secret Knock event – photo credit: Napoleon Hill Foundation

Secret Knock held its first event in the living room of the founder, Greg Reid. It has subsequently managed to attract some genuine movers and shakers who are invited to impart their business wisdom to a select invited audience.

The point of the event is that you get to hear and interact with people who have been the pioneers of change and new business ideas on a first-hand basis, rather than being told about it by someone who is simply relaying the story.

The idea behind the event might just inspire you to come up with your own version that proves to be just as popular over a period of time.

All in a good cause

If there is a charity or particular cause that is close to your heart, this can be a compelling mix where you create an event that raises your business profile, and just as importantly, raises some money for a good cause.

The Robin Hood Foundation Gala in New York is an annual event that sets the bar pretty high in terms of the money it raises every year and the fact that an artist like Paul McCartney is the sort of headline act secured for a stunning finale to the evening.

You might not break the $100 million barrier that the event achieved in 2015, setting its own new record for fundraising, but seeing how they stage-manage the main event and the simultaneous hosting of some satellite parties at the same time, should provide so expert guidance on how to create an event that entertains, informs and even manages to raise some serious amounts of money.

As with all of these high-profile events, the magic formula is about having a plan, formulating a strategy and then getting the right partners in to help you execute that strategy. Allowing you to create an event that takes inspiration from some established dates in the calendar and then putting your own personal stamp on whatever it is you decide to do.


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