Fax over IP Technology for Retail Sector

Most of the businesses require a fax system to transfer important documents. Human resource documents, tenders, purchase forms, quality reports, quotations are important documents for an organization that needs to be safe hands. Retail businesses are in utmost need of this kind of system.

Online fax using FoIP technology

Transmitting critical documents is a regular part of an everyday operation in a retail organization. Retailers need a solution that is both secure and cost effective.

Enter Fax over IP of FoIP technology

Without facing the hassle of maintaining the fax machines, one can send faxes over the internet as and when required. What FoIP can solve for retailers?

1. Secure document transmission

Most of the retail organizations involve quite some important documents. Bills, purchase orders, quotations, quality reports are some of the important papers that you need to handle. IP-based faxing facility ensures secure document transmission to a great extent.

Instead of focusing on the safety of transmitting documents or its storage, retail organizations can concentrate on the betterment of the organization.

2. Reduce costs

In this busy world, where everything needs to be at a fast pace, operational efficiency of a retail organization should match up pace with their competitors. For organizations, which have some budget constraint, sending faxes over the IP is of real help.

Eliminating all sorts of extra costs, the retail organization can expect for more productivity with the faxing activity being online.

3. Faster response

The best thing is that the online faxing activity meets all the compliance requirements and faxes reach in no time. It reduces all the paperwork hassle and keeps all your data safe and secure.

Another thing about online fax is that it speeds up the P.O. placement process. Purchasing items from a vendor, sending quotations to them, agreement papers and other important documents becomes a lot easier with the help of online fax sending facility. It helps one industry to achieve their business objectives without focusing much on paperwork.

As we all know, busy signal is one of the common issues faced while sending faxes via fax machine. Sending fax over the web helps one to get rid of this issue.

4. Improve communication

The retail industry has to focus a lot on customer demand and satisfaction. Knowing the needs of a consumer and sufficing their needs should be their primary objective. Communication becomes a lot easier when faxing facilities are improved.

The reliability of sending important documents without the involvement of the third person is something very important. Signing confidential deals and transmitting important documents becomes much easier with this kind web based fax sending software.

5. Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility is one of the major factors these days. Accessing important documents and files from any corner of the world is much easier with the flexibility of logging in from any corner of the world and on any device like a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Thus it offers much flexibility regarding work output, and one can always be connected to their organization no matter wherever they are.


The constant demand for new kind of retail products drives the need to handle paperwork more efficiently. It helps one to focus on achieving goals rather than handling important papers.

XmediusFAX is one of FoIP brands that helps organizations to send faxes without any hassle. XmediusFAX for enterprises have helped organizations, including retailers, for embracing FoIP technology to improve their overall operational performance.


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