How You Can Send Faxes Online

Fax machines may seem outdated, but the ability to send or receive important documents and the like hasn’t lost its appeal. However, new technology is offering an innovative solution to doing so online.

Online fax

Indeed, if you need to send or receive a fax, you have more options than you may have thought. Let’s look at different ways to get the job done (and which option may be the best for you).

Send an Email

Sending a fax via email is often quick and painless; it’s no wonder there are more than 3 million emails sent each second. Large email providers, such as Gmail, possess a storage cap.…

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Is Online Faxing Safe?

In the digital age, you may think that faxing has become obsolete due to the drive for paperless office operations or the integration of digital documents. However, faxing has been keeping up with the advancements in technology.

Online fax

You can now send and receive your business communication via online faxing. Online faxing enables the transmission of documents created on a computer or mobile device as email attachments.

Furthermore, you may share all files, including Word documents, scanned images, and PDF files. Regarding security, online faxing is foolproof and can protect any transmission of business information. But before purchasing the services of one of the numerous online faxing providers, you must conduct thorough research.…

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Fax over IP Technology for Retail Sector

Most of the businesses require a fax system to transfer important documents. Human resource documents, tenders, purchase forms, quality reports, quotations are important documents for an organization that needs to be safe hands. Retail businesses are in utmost need of this kind of system.

Online fax using FoIP technology

Transmitting critical documents is a regular part of an everyday operation in a retail organization. Retailers need a solution that is both secure and cost effective.

Enter Fax over IP of FoIP technology

Without facing the hassle of maintaining the fax machines, one can send faxes over the internet as and when required. What FoIP can solve for retailers?…

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