Why It Is Important to Use Architecture and Design to Build Your Brand

We are currently living in hyper-visual age. For modern businesses, everything from the furniture to the décor in the break room has to be aesthetically satisfying. This is because brands and their corporate environments are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Architectural design for branding

Your workspace is an extension of your brand narrative. Since social media has made it easier than ever to share this narrative, the details must be used for maximum value and exposure. While commercial architecture is a relatively new discipline, it is growing in significance for startup companies and non-traditional ventures.

This guide to the benefits of commercial architecture and design will explain why it is essential for the strength of your brand.

Good Design Is a Signature

You’re used to treating your products, packaging, and marketing materials as key branding commodities, but you could also be getting a boost from your office architecture. The rise of tools like Periscope and Instagram has made it easier for businesses to invite their followers inside and give them a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. For this to be successful, you need an office design that helps them imagine how it would feel to be part of the team.

It Prevents Wasted Space

A common challenge for businesses is the efficient use of space. This is particularly tricky in retail stores, where there are fewer physical boundaries to define its function. With commercial architecture, it is possible to design a floorplan that actually complements the habits of customers. In other words, it mimics their natural movements and uses careful positioning to direct and persuade them in different ways.

It Boosts the Brand Message

The best corporate workspaces match their office architecture to the values that they wish to espouse and encourage. Just type ‘Google offices’ into a search engine and you’ll see how powerful it can be to create a strong working environment. Google is a company that wants to convey a sense of freedom and relaxed creativity. So, it has designed its workspace to foster this kind of atmosphere. The colour scheme is bright, there are few dividing walls, and the offices include quirky additions like hammocks, football tables, and gaming consoles.

It Increases Productivity

If your office architecture doesn’t suit the way in which you want your employees to work, you need to change it. While not all businesses can operate efficiently with an open plan layout, some thrive when physical divisions are taken away. The opposite can be true as well; you might be working in a very expansive, open space, but require more structured spaces for focused projects and meetings. Office partitions, dividers, and semi-permanent walls are all great ways to achieve this. If the environment provides everything that an employee needs, they’ll perform at the highest level.

It Supports Workplace Culture

Don’t forget that there’s more to an office than just the floor plan and the furniture. It wouldn’t be a functional, practical place to spend time if it weren’t for the people who manage it. Enhance your brand narrative by giving it the personal touch. Share individual stories on social media. Tell followers when you have a ‘dress down Friday’ or a super memorable team building session. Create a workspace that inspires and you’ll soon find that big ideas, quirky personalities, and fascinating stories begin to fill it.

How to Improve Your Office Architecture and Design

There are various ways in which a business can boost the value of its office architecture. You can take the job on independently, as an entirely internal project. Or, you can seek the services of an expert commercial design service. This is a useful option if concepts of workplace architecture are unfamiliar to you; a professional team will be able to explain why and how certain changes are guaranteed to have a big impact.


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