5 Inexpensive Small Business Ideas For 2017

Starting up a small business is not as complicated as one might initially believe. eFlirt.com, a popular dating site, started from $50 and a Twitter account. It is easier than ever before to build a home-based business from scratch. The internet revolutionized the world of business for entrepreneurs. Technology gave the average person a shot at financial freedom.

Pet sitting business idea

In 2017, small business is booming for those willing to invest their time and energy. The key to success is to discover the least expensive way to provide a product or service with the highest return. Many entrepreneurs have battled their way to financial success by utilizing this simple formula. For the adventure-seeking entrepreneurs out there, consider these four inexpensive small business ideas:

1. Selling crafts online

Master junk hubs like Etsy.com and Amazon.com are excellent platforms for selling “stuff.” Arts, crafts, books, and anything that might be lying around the storage shed can be marketed and sold. If there is enough inventory, profit is almost guaranteed. Depending on the type of craft being sold, this kind of business opportunity can draw close to a 90 percent profit margin.

2. Cleaning houses

Cleaning services will never go out of style. There will always be family reunions and holiday gatherings. There will never be enough time in the day for everyone to spend time cleaning their homes, and there will always be wealthy bachelors with no interest in cleaning their homes. The potential for building a business cleaning homes is absolute. As long as the floor shines and the bathroom tiles glisten, people will pay.

3. Pet sitting/walking

Pet sitting is another way to begin a business with almost no money at all. The only financial investment needed to start a business pet sitting or walking dogs is a flyer printout. Spend a few days passing out flyers in nearby neighborhoods, and see what happens. It will likely lead to a few job opportunities.

4. Provide transportation

Taxi drivers often set their hours and make a decent amount of money with little investment. Also, Uber drivers have revolutionized the transportation industry. Individuals can just enter a bit of information and get to driving. The host, Uber, gets a cut of the profits, but tips are free money. Uber is cheaper and much more efficient than a cab service, so the youth market is cornered.

5. Tutoring students

Education services have exploded in the last ten years. Now that the internet can facilitate all types of communication, tutors can work from home. Tutors can also reach students anywhere in the world. Tutoring requires no financial investment. Knowledge is the commodity for sale, and people are buying.


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