The Lost Art Of Customer Service Within The Tech Industry

Reinvigorating Customer Service in the Tech Industry

Tech industry

The tech industry is often highly impersonal — especially among companies that sell digital goods. A company can sell a digital service entirely over the Internet. The buyer pays online, and the service activates itself automatically. During the buyer’s entire time as a customer, he may never interact with an actual person.

Throughout the tech industry, customer service has become something of a lost art. Too often, companies rely on support forums, automated chat programs and online FAQ pages to answer customers’ questions. Customers who are unable find the answers they need through forums and automated solutions can end up feeling lost in the shuffle.

We believe that customer service has become a major inefficiency in tech. It’s time to reverse that trend. A great customer experience shouldn’t end when a buyer enters his credit card number. Rather, the purchase should only be the beginning. If you want to build a market advantage that your competition can’t match, provide service that your customers will rave about.

Use these four tips to provide an unmatched customer experience.

Understand Your Customers

In an increasingly integrated world, few tech products truly stand alone. No matter what your company sells, it’s likely that your customers will want to integrate it with other existing solutions. Understanding how your customers use your product — and tailoring it for the best possible performance in real world scenarios — is a great way to prove that you care about your customers’ needs.

Make Your Support Staff Available

On the phone, complicated menu systems often cause great frustration for customers. A menu might help your support system quickly route calls to the correct representatives. For many customers, though, a menu system simply feels like an obstacle. Prevent negative customer sentiment about your phone support system by making it as easy as possible to speak to a person.

Evolve With Your Customers

You should never assume that your work is done simply because you have a successful product. You can always improve your products and services — or create new ones — to keep pace with the changing market and satisfy the needs of your customers. Your most loyal customers aren’t just consistent sources of income — they are also your most powerful advocates. Never stop listening to their feedback.

Provide Face-to-Face Service

Do you sell an inexpensive product or service to many people, or do you sell something more costly to just a few? When you’re trying to land a big client — or keep an existing one — you should never underestimate the potential power of a face-to-face meeting. Meeting personally with a client will show him or her that you’re serious about providing great service. By bringing your personal touch to an impersonal industry, you’ll create an impression that your client won’t soon forget.



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