Why Your Business Should Excel at Customer Convenience

We live in a world of instant gratification and ultimate convenience. Delivery services are faster than ever before, with some being able to deliver groceries and other items within the hour. Transportation services are available with the click of a virtual button. And with apps like Tinder, even dating has become mostly about instant attraction.

Customer convenience

We can order so much from our smartphones, and that means there’s less to wait on. It also means that your business needs to excel at customer convenience in order to compete with the other companies that are out there.

The Age of the Smartphone

More and more people own smartphones. This includes 98% of millennials and 96% of Generation X-ers. When you consider that these are two of the largest demographics in the marketplace today, you have to be mindful of what your business offers for them on their smartphone.

How are you making it convenient for them to interact with your business? Can they go to your responsive website, order from your online shopping cart, and interact with you via an app?

In 2017, businesses that fail to offer apps and mobile ordering are ones that have failed to evolve.

Convenience on the Go

Every industry has the ability to make things more convenient for their customers. Dog groomers are going mobile, making it possible for pet owners to get their pets groomed without having to leave their home. Restaurants are buying food trucks and bringing the food to college campuses, outdoor festivals, and more. Even lawyers are offering to meet clients in their homes so documents can be signed.

If your business must stay put, all is not lost. Remember, you simply have to make your services more convenient by allowing customers to do what they can while on the go. This can include such things as:

  • Making an appointment from an app
  • Placing an order online
  • Paying electronically before they get there

You just have to tailor the convenience to your business. This will make it possible for you to stand out and offer a unique value proposition. Every business needs a UVP, otherwise you fail to dominate your industry.

Tip: For online appointment capabilities check into booking management software.

Give In to Consumer Demands

When you offer customer convenience, consumers take notice. Remember that there are companies like Amazon that will deliver in two days – and Amazon Prime Now that might deliver within an hour. There’s Uber, allowing people to get a ride within minutes of pressing a button.

You need to use technology to provide convenience. While this might mean adjusting the way you have done business in the past, it will allow you to stay relevant and compete with the other companies in your industry.

Today’s buyers are more demanding than ever before. They don’t want to wait. Technology has spoiled them and that means that you have to give into their demands or risk becoming obsolete.

The good news is that no matter what industry you are in, it’s possible to excel at being convenient.


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