4 Self-Improvement Strategies for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you may have become so caught up in improving your company that you have forgotten to spend any time improving yourself. Running a business can certainly be a turning point for many people, but there are also many strategies for active self-improvement that can be effectively used by entrepreneurs. Self-improvement will not only benefit your personal life and relationships, but it will affect every aspect of your life, including your business and perhaps even your finances.

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Here are some of the best ways to invest in your own self-improvement.

1. Online Learning

Online education has grown significantly in popularity within the last decade or so, and for many small business owners, it has provided them with a huge range of great opportunities to learn and develop. When running your small business, it can often be difficult to get to class and uphold the other commitments that come with studying for a degree on campus.

Studying for an online MPA degree, for example, allows you to continue being your own boss by offering a flexible schedule that you can tailor to fit around your business commitments.

2. Mindfulness

When it comes to self-improvement, there are many things that you can do which won’t cost you a dime. Instead, you will be investing your time and energy, two of your most valuable things.

One of the best things to invest your time in is becoming more mindful. You may have already heard of mindfulness meditation, an ancient Buddhist technique that is becoming more and more popular in the Western world. Practicing regular mindfulness meditation is a great investment, as it will help you to gain control of your stress and be more aware of yourself and others around you.

3. Time to Relax

Running a small business is not easy, especially if you are a sole trader. But, to be successful with your business venture, you should also be sure that you don’t end up overworking yourself and burning out, which could lead to reduced productivity and bad results for your company.

Investing in taking time off to relax will do you a world of good, even if it’s just a short weekend away. Leave your laptop at home whenever you can, or take time to focus on personal ventures, such as studying for an online public administration degree.

4. Build Up Your Network

Networking events often involve investing your money, time and effort into improving yourself. But, it is certainly worth it. As a small business owner, a strong network of contacts can help to improve your company and even offer you more security in a world where nine out of ten start-ups fail within the first few months to a year. Strive to meet as many people as possible who can influence your business positively and offer support and assistance when you need it.

As a small business owner, significantly improving your company often starts with making improvements to yourself. By improving your own knowledge, skills, attitude and network, you will affect your business in a variety of positive ways.


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