Four Ways To Help Your Designer Perfect Your Product Label (Infographic)

If you’re an entrepreneur with a product launch coming up, it makes great sense to bring in a professional to design your first product label. A professional will be able to create a design of an extremely high standard, and they may have experience of product labels already, making the process far simpler.

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It’s important to bear in mind that designers can’t create product labels unless they have access to certain information about the brand, the product, its target audience and other features it has. You can’t just throw a brand name and a vague demographic at a designer and hope they’ll come up with a label design that will win over potential customers!

As the entrepreneur and the brains behind the product, it’s up to you to give the designer plenty of information to work with, as they try to create the perfect product label for you. Here are four ways you can pitch in and make sure the right outcome is achieved:

  • Research. Designers work with graphics – it’s not their job to figure out your target audience or your product’s USP. You should research this information and have it ready to hand over to your label designer.

  • Materials. The materials that a designer can use for the label will impact their design. For example, if you need to use round labels because of the shape of the packaging, the designer will naturally have to come up with a circular design that fits within the allocated space. Make sure you know exactly what shape, size and material you’ll be using for your label.

  • Information design. Labels are crammed with information – some of it legally required, some of it used for marketing purposes. The chances are your designer won’t be able to include it all, so you need to create an information hierarchy, which will help you decide which information is essential, and which can be removed if necessary.

Want to find out more? FastLabels have put together an infographic with all the information you could ever need when it comes to designing a product label. Check it out here:

Product label design tips infographic


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