Why Upselling Clients Works for Web Design Agencies

Do you concentrate the majority of your efforts on attracting new clients to your agency? If so, we need to ask why? It’s often not the most cost effective way of securing new business. You should think about paying more attention to upselling clients you already have.


They already know that you provide an excellent service, so you do not have to spend time convincing them. The problem is that your agency has already put its ecommerce web design skills to use creating a website that works, for the client. They are not going to want to keep upgrading on a regular basis. So, what else can you do for them?

1. Make sure conversions are optimised

Most clients will want you to provide them with a service that helps them to increase leads and sales, and ultimately increases their ROI. This is why helping with conversion optimisation makes sense. You should offer clients your services in helping them to adopt the latest live chat and checkout facilities, so that people are more likely to make a purchase from them.

2. Make sure that the website is performing as it should

Website performance is all important, when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. You can offer to help clients avoid doing anything that could have a detrimental effect on performance. This could include making sure that no downloads, or images that are used, reduce site load speed.

3. Providing analytics research and reporting

It’s not possible to tell how effective a website is without having reliable analytics in place. An analytics package, with research and results provided, is a valuable service for clients. You can help them to see where they need to make improvements to their website, and which areas are performing well.

4. What are your charging options?

Once you have decided what services and packages to offer, in order to upsell existing clients, you need to decide how to charge. You have a few options:

  • An hourly rate. If a client wants you to consult on a specific matter, an hourly charge may be appropriate.

  • Retained services. This is a fairly flexible solution, in that the client pays an amount of money to retain the services of your agency and is entitled to several hours of the agency’s time in return, as and when they need it.

  • Monthly subscription. If you reach an agreement with a client, as to which services they need, you can agree a monthly package, and an accompanying subscription.

These are the most common charging options. You can choose to offer one or all of them, or come up with different options to suit particular circumstances.


Hopefully, it’s now obvious how much easier it can be to upsell to existing clients than to secure new ones. It’s also a more affordable use of your time. Of course, you have to do both, if you want to succeed. But, it’s worth concentrating more of your energy on the upselling existing clients aspect.


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