Thermostat Wars!

When the heating season comes about, a lot of households and offices with mixed gender staff experience the so-called thermostat wars. But why does it happen? Can you do anything to stop it? And most importantly, is it bad for your heating system?

Setting up a thermostat

At the start of the heating season, no matter if you have a thermostat war raging, you need to perform a maintenance. This way, you can be sure that your heating equipment won’t fail you in the peak of the season. You can learn more about that here

What’s the Deal?

To boil it down to the basics, men typically prefer colder temperatures than women when it comes to comfort. Therefore, men will set the thermostat to 68-70°F, whereas women need it to be a bit warmer and they will require the thermostat to be cranked up to 72-75°F.

If you have an office with both male and female workers, which is the case in most offices, you may have a proper thermostat war at your hands. The dial on your thermometer can be moved as much as 20 times per day by the warring parties, each, in turn, complaining that it is too hot or too cold to be comfortable.

Why Does This Happen?

In essence, men work better in colder temperatures than women because their bodies generate more heat. The circulatory system of men is better adapted to supplying the extremities with warm blood than that of women. It is no wonder then that women’s hands are often cold and that in general, they feel cold more often than men do.

The same thing happens in summer, where men tend to crank up the air conditioning, whereas women prefer to keep the temperature a bit more balmy.

Is There a Right Temperature?

According to the government’s energy efficiency sites, the optimal temperature for a space which is being used is around 68°F, and 5-10 degrees lower when the space is not being used. That way you can save a lot of energy overnight and during the weekends when your office is not being used.

Naturally, not everyone will agree that this is the right way to go, but it is perhaps the most economical thing to do. These governmental sites also recommend dressing in layers, rather than cranking up the thermometer to keep warm in winter.

Economically Wise?

In essence, if you are looking to save on your heating and air conditioning, you should side with men in winter and with women in summer. However, that doesn’t really solve your problem when it comes to thermostat wars, so there are some more technologically advanced solutions.

Can Tech Help You?

There have been many advancements in the field of heating and air conditioning over the years; but the advent of smartphones and other smart devices has made a real transformation possible. Nowadays, the market is really opening up to new possibilities and innovations.

For instance, there are smart buildings which enable you to define your own preferences for both temperature and lighting. The entire building is rife with sensors which can monitor where you are and set the surrounding devices to suit your needs. If a space is shared by two people with different preferences, the system evens out the parameters automatically, preventing any conflict among the workers themselves and potential damage to your heating system which would require a visit from a professional.

On the other hand, there are different buildings which notify you which part of the building is the best suited to your preferences, so you can move to that part of the building. This approach, of course, is only possible if your business model allows the free movement of people during the work day.

The thermostat wars are a real thing which can ruin friendships and disrupt the workplace. So, it is your job to do as much as you can to avoid these problems.

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