The Ultimate Guide to Programmable HVAC Thermostats

Are you fed up with paying too much for your energy bills? Is the temperature in your home always a hit or miss? If so, then it might be time to consider investing in a programmable HVAC thermostat. Not only will this help you save money and conserve energy, but it will also create more comfort and convenience within your home.

Programmable HVAC thermostat

And that’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to the best programmable HVAC thermostats available today: to give you all the knowledge you need for making an informed buying decision. In this article, we’ll cover the features of each type of thermostat, how they work, what setting is right for you, and other essential tips for getting started.…

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Thermostat Wars!

When the heating season comes about, a lot of households and offices with mixed gender staff experience the so-called thermostat wars. But why does it happen? Can you do anything to stop it? And most importantly, is it bad for your heating system?

Setting up a thermostat

At the start of the heating season, no matter if you have a thermostat war raging, you need to perform a maintenance. This way, you can be sure that your heating equipment won’t fail you in the peak of the season. You can learn more about that here

What’s the Deal?

To boil it down to the basics, men typically prefer colder temperatures than women when it comes to comfort.…

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