Big-Business Growth Strategies Small Business Can Use

Every business needs change and growth in order to remain relevant in the market. It is therefore important to pursue growth for your business and see it become a big business. Changing times and seasons affecting the market conditions would require managing your business in ways that can make it grow significantly.

Growing your business

Here are great ways of turning your small business into a smart business. Try them today and see your business grow into heights you had never imagined before.

1. Market Segmentation

This strategy involves choosing a sub-set of the whole marketplace that to focus your sales efforts on. With the many people to sell to, you need to shift your focus to a certain group. Big businesses endeavor to carve out a section of the market. They seek to own that space as much as they can. Some companies have chosen the young and adventurous people to sell their energy drinks.

This is an example of market segmentation applied by companies like Red Bull. The company even owns a Formula One racing team. Therefore, it is vital to focus on your main customer if you are looking for a clear path of growth.

2. Leveraging partnerships

Vendor relationships are not only meant for the big fish in the market. As a small business, you can still enjoy leverage partnerships in a savvy manner. You could be having a great product to sell in the market but without a manufacturing facility, distribution channel or some important part of the supply chain, it can be challenging to ensure growth for your business.

It may become almost impossible for you to compete with big players in the market. The only option you have to come out such a situation is to partner with a good manufacturer and a distribution channel. All you will pay your new-found partners is a portion of the profit you got every time you sell your product.

3. Using Checklists

Big businesses have huge facilities, complicated supply chains and big equipment. Managing daily operations in such environments becomes quite complex for an individual. These are too many things to track. The same case applies to small businesses.

Owners have forced to play different roles and this leaves them occupied to a point where they could be doing things that are not important. In the rush of a normal day, you can easily forget to do an important duty. This can hinder your growth but with a checklist, you will be guided on the right path to monitor your business’ success.

Mergers and acquisitions

4. Mergers and Acquisitions

This is arguably the commonly used way by big businesses to grow. It is something that small business can do as well. However, it is important to bear in mind that acquisitions are not easy. It is something that you need to calculate well in order to ensure massive profits that usually come with acquisitions. Have a checklist of what you need for your business and make a sober decision not influenced by ego or emotions.

If done right M&A can benefit both the buyer and the seller. The buyer has an alternative way of reaching their strategic goals, which are usually met through organic growth. The seller has an option to cash out or stay and share the risk of possible future success.

If you want to learn more about the process of M&A, WallStreet Prep did an awesome guide that explains everything through the example of Microsoft?LinkedIn acquisition.

You will need money to do so and therefore, it is important to ensure that you have a budget that can buy out everybody in the industry. It doesn’t have to be big. The point is, you can at least afford some business to acquire.

5. Take the Lead in the Industry

Workout ways to make your name big in the industry. It is important to make moves at times when other businesses are sit by the wayside. Look for opportunities to market and advertise your services and/or products. Look for unexploited markets and opportunities to sell your products. At least, you can do something that others are not doing in the industry. Don’t shy off from making bold moves in the industry.

You don’t have to take it up from other people. Take the lead even in how operations are conducted in the industry to deliver to customers. This is a big lesson for small businesses. Commit to address hard problems that many people are afraid if in the industry. There is a lot of profit to make when you lead in fixing something that many haven’t been able to.


Small businesses have no choice but to grow if they want to remain useful in the market. Big businesses started small but they have continued to grow due to commitments made towards the same. Highlighted here are some of the strategies used by big-business and that could apply to your small business as well. Make a move to grow your business today.


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