4 Vital Sections On Your New Business Website

Designing your new business website is exciting. Entrepreneurs now have a much more level playing field when it comes to business due to the vast social nature of the internet. Your business website is a valuable tool for success, and it must be properly designed for maximum effect.

Business website features

If you are not really sure where to start, take in a few foundational design aspects first. Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the most vital sections you should include on your new business website.

Contact Us

Business relies heavily on communication, and your website should encourage visitors to get in contact. Your “Contact Us” page is extremely important, as it provides an array of mediums through which to contact your business.

If you have a brick and mortar location, your contact page is the place to add maps, directions, and anything else a person might need to find the place. Web users are accustomed to scanning for a “Contact Us” page link when seeking to make a new connection with a business.

About Us

A business website’s “About Us” page is where you can find more information on the organization, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Designers have recently found several creative ways to spice up their “About Us” page design.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, but make certain that your page has all the necessary information to provide a good look at your business. Check out this excellent example of an “About Us” page. The information is straightforward, and there are plenty of opportunities to make contact for more info.

Products & Services

The products and/or services your business provides should be a main focus of your business website’s design. When people seek out a business website, they typically intend on browsing what that organization has to offer.

Your “Products & Services” page link is essential to showcasing why your business is needed by the visitor. Make sure you research what it takes to create a well-rounded products and services design. Here is a great example of an excellent “Products & Services” page design.

Business Blog

Every business website should have a subsequent business blog. Your business blog is an important tool for visibility and content. Your website’s blog is an opportunity to spread quality content, and draw in more return visitors.

It is worth the time and effort to produce a well-written, engaging blog presence online. Then spend time marketing its existence to stir up interest.

Link your business blog to your social media profile. Send out invitations to your rolodex of email addresses, and make sure the content is top notch for readers to enjoy.


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