Building a Business Blog That Works for You

Creating a well-written business blog is one of the most inexpensive ways to promote and market your business establishment. A blog with great content can be a strong driving force behind a boosted web traffic on your business website.

Business blogging

Too often, small business owners remain in the dark when it comes to the power of a blog. Don’t sell your creation short, and boost your business website with a creative blog design. Here are a few helpful tips towards building a business blog that works for you.

Work SEO into your blog content

Search engine optimization will push your content to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when you incorporate the key concepts. Improving visibility is a foundational skill for running a successful blog.

SEO will teach you all you need to know about how the search engines of the internet sort out information. Here are a few helpful resources for educating yourself on everything there is know about search engine optimization.

Write smashing headlines

The headlines of your individual blog posts are also important. Focused, yet intriguing, wording in your blog headlines are the best way to turn heads. When your titles are enticing and offer the promise of new information, people are more likely to feel the urge to explore.

Not only do your headlines need to be attractive, they should focus on industry-specific subject matters. Take a look at the relevance of the posts in this example blog.

If you run a website that sells shoes, your blog should correlate with your business. Talk about how to properly fit a shoe, or something else regarding the realm of footwear.

Use high-quality images and videos

Today’s technological culture has no time for buffering videos and pixelated images. Make sure that your media content within your business blog is top quality.

There are several platforms from which to pull high-quality stock images online, and it doesn’t usually cost much, if anything at all to access a large collection.

Integrate the wide world of social media

Social media is an extremely effective platform for boosting your business blog’s visibility online. If you can get readers to share your posts on their personal social media profiles, then you have a free marketing plug that will reach however many “friends” that person has on their social media account.

Social media sharing buttons are a “must-have” for your business blog. Post them in tandem with every new entry to your blog, and let your content work for you.

Post regularly to maintain interest

Finally, make sure you post on your business blog regularly, so readers will keep coming back. If you just upload a handful of posts in the beginning and leave them to sit, people will quickly lose interest in your blog.


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