4 Ways to Transform Your Small Retail Space to Increase Footfall & Sales

A small retail space is an ideal choice for budget-constrained business owners as they don’t require a significant investment. However, making the most out of the area can be challenging, from making checkout convenient for shoppers to having enough ample space for your items.

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The good news is, with some creative hacks, you can make your small retail space look bigger and create unique experiences for the visitors. Below are some ideas.

1. Consider Tablet-Equipped POS

Retail store owners can replace bulky checkout stations with tablet-based POS (point-of-sale) systems to maximize floor space. Freeing up space means shoppers have more inventory to look at, and you have a more significant area to showcase that inventory. Also, the fewer times a visitor has to ask a representative for additional size, the better.

Resources like StoreKit enable retailers of all sizes to compare point-of-sale systems as well as check out additional accessories that complement the machine. For instance, an iPad POS can be secured with an iPad POS stand that can be bolted to the retailer’s counter-top. Accessories like these allow store owners to maximize retail space as well as the form and functionality of the machine.

2. Think Beyond Shelving

Shelving is a simple and easy way to maximize your wall space, but there are several more space-saving techniques to display items. For instance, you can take an old painting, place it in an elaborate frame, and take out the canvas on linen to build a bulletin board where you can place small products like earrings and gift cards.

Another way to set up this kind of space requires putting tea towels on headboards (antique-shaped) inclined against a wall. Using this strategy, you can display your items without occupying the area as a display case would.

3. Brighten Up Your Space

Lighting is a critical element of any retail outlet; however, it’s even more crucial for a store that’s short of space. To prevent a prison-like effect within your store, consider choosing a bright color pallet for the walls and high-efficiency lighting for the ambiance. The proper lighting and color combination can go a long way in setting the atmosphere. You can also experiment with multiple sources of lighting, like track lights, lamps, and scones to create a layered look which makes for a welcoming environment.

If you don’t have the budget to install specialized lighting, check if there’s an outlet close-down auction happening in your proximity. With a little research, you might be able to get a good discount.

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4. Consider Going Vertical

Showcasing products at different levels is visually appealing to shoppers and also a great way to maximize retail space. You can do this by hanging cabinets at different levels. Another option is to mount drapes and other essentials from the floor to the ceiling to draw up customers’ eyes and create a feeling of a bigger space.

Also, don’t place merchandise too close to each other. If you have a lot of merchandise, use neutral colors for products like furniture to prevent a colored look. It’s also a good idea to accent the space with bright-colored objects like pillows and lamps.


By leveraging all these opportunities, you can optimize your overall retail space in a way that allows you to display more items and please most visitors.


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