3 Off-Page Tactics That Improve Your SEO

While most business owners or people involved in business marketing know about SEO and the on-page efforts that go into it, there are actually quite a few things that happen off your actual website’s pages that can affect your SEO as well.

Off-page SEO

So whether you’re doing all your own SEO work or are working with an SEO agency to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, here are three off-page tactics that you can use to help improve your overall SEO strategy and online rankings.

Get Optimized For Mobile Use

One big thing that can affect how useful and well received your business website is if it’s optimized for mobile use. According to the Forbes Agency Council, Google now uses a mobile-first indexing system. This is a result of so many of the monthly searches that happen taking place on mobile devices. Knowing this, your company can’t afford not to have your website optimized for mobile devices and mobile searches.

If this isn’t something you’ve implemented, you should definitely get on it.

Use Social Media

Social media is another great way to get people to your website without actually having to do any SEO on your individual web pages. To get the best results from your social media use, try to share things that your followers will want to share with people in their own communities. When this is done correctly, Neil Patel of QuickSprout.com shares that you can see a lot of growth in just a short period of time.

To further increase this growth and sharing over all social platforms that you’re using, make sure you include easy sharing buttons on everything that you post or promote. This will help to encourage your followers to share your content with others and drive more traffic to your website.

Write Irresistible Search Results Titles

While this does have an impact on on-page SEO content as well, having strong titles for your content will help your search results jump off the SERPs and bring more people to your website.

According to Marcela De Vivo, a contributor to Search Engine Watch, you can create more irresistible content titles by using power words that encourage people to act and by using things like numbers or statistics in your titles and headlines. Both of these things have been proven to produce better interaction with search results. If you haven’t tried these in the past, you may want to implement them in your title tags in the future.


If you want to subtly continue to improve your SEO, consider using the tips mentioned above to find way to help the cause without having to make changes to your web pages.


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