4 Ways to Effectively Use CRM to Grow Your Startup

As the CEO of a growing business, you probably already know how a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you scale your startup. But while you understand that keeping your valued customers happy is important to the growth of your business, you might not be completely sure how to use your CRM to its full potential.

A startup founder is using a CRM tool

In order to stay as connected to your customers as you can and help your new company to flourish, consider these suggestions for using your CRM:

Stay on Top of CRM Updates

If you have invested in a CRM, you know quite well that this type of program is agile and easy to use. However, like any type of technology, CRMs will be updated from time to time. If you use a platform like Infor CRM (Saleslogix), it’s important to stay in the loop on new updates and features by checking expert sources that offer useful articles, training videos and Infor consulting services.

Train Your Staff on the System

Like any amazing tool, you can have the best CRM system money can buy, but if you are the only one who knows how to use it, you will spend lots of time managing the software when you want to focus on other tasks related to growing your new company. To alleviate this issue, hold a general training session for your team and train as many employees as you can about the CRM system and how it works.

You can either hold a team meeting and go over the CRM technology, or create a video tutorial using a free service like Screencastify that people can watch on their own.

Learn and Manage What Matters to Your Clients

When used to its full extent, CRM systems can help you build more sustainable relationships with your customers. Ask your clients what matters the most to them, including their goals, preferences and any challenges, and record this info in your CRM system. The next time you interact with a client, you can review this info so you know exactly how to work with him or her. You can also use this info to recommend specific products or sales to your clients that mesh with their previously stated interests and goals.

A CRM will also keep track of what your clients have purchased and how they are using your products or services, so you can offer them the most relevant info and suggestions.

Maximize Your CRM

One of the best ways to have a CRM become a useful tool is to take advantage of all that it can do. Rather than using your address book on your smartphone or computer to manage your client contacts and a notes app on your tablet to jot down what is said during a client meeting, use the CRM for all of that. Make the CRM the central go-to place for all of the information about your customers; this will also make it easier for your team to access this data and help your clients without having to track down a lot of data from other places.

Your startup will grow based on a number of things including offering outstanding products and services, great customer care and fast shipping times. Thanks to technology like a CRM, you and your team can also be as efficient as possible by staying updated on your CRM, training your staff to us it, managing client interests, and using your CRM for as much as possible so you can get back to what you love: your business.


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