4 Tips for Building a Better Blog

There was a time, not too long ago, that blogging was a novelty. But in just a little over 20 years, the concept has changed in a big way. Blogging has changed from being a way for individuals to stay connected to one another, into a multi-million dollar marketing opportunity for everyone — one that can benefit everyone financially from your 90-year old grandma, to Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post.

blogging tips

Today’s blogs do more than act as personal web pages; they serve as profitable business ventures for corporations and individuals alike. If you’re thinking of entering the blogging world, consider using these four tips to build a blog that people really want to read:

1. Pick a Topic and Make It Your Own

You can’t be everything to everyone, so pick one thing and one audience and go from there. It’s like an eb5 lawyer who only works in immigration law, or a photographer who mostly shoots weddings. Know what you’re good at – what you have experience in, and with – and cater to the people most in need or want of that content. If you’re funny, use it. If you’re a creative crafter, highlight it. If you love to cook, share it. You’re not going to find a topic that hasn’t already been explored, then make it uniquely yours instead. Put your own thoughts and opinions in your writing. Be witty, or provocative, or completely serious. Just be you, and you will be different from the competition!

2. Remember That Looks Matter

It’s sad, but in the blogging world, looks really do matter. With the surplus of material available out there on the web, you need to really think about how you market yourself, in order to be different. Don’t give readers any easy reason to skip over your site for another one. Use a professional design for your blog that looks clean and sophisticated and is easy to read and navigate. Edit your content for misspellings, grammatical errors and readability. Make sure you’re not sloppy ever, to encourage readers to give you a chance.

3. Be Timely

Add material to your blog on a regular basis and ensure that it is up-to-date and interesting to your audience. You can research what others are doing on their blogs, but keep your content focused on your own audience’s needs. Remember, the more consistent you can keep your schedule, the better chance you have of gaining a loyal readership. Also, keep in mind that timely blog subjects also have to relate back to your “normal” content. Otherwise, you’ll end up writing nothing but loosely connected topical pieces.

4. Interact with Everyone

People like to be heard. Allow comments and interaction on your site. Feedback from your audience can help you make improvements, give you ideas for new content and be a boost to your confidence when you hit a right note. You should also actively seek ways to market your blog. Permit readers to easily share your entries and consider paid advertising and other options for additional publicity.

Follow these 4 tips and work relentlessly at writing great content and your blog, be it for business, or mere personal enjoyment, is sure to grow!


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