5 Signs Your Business May Need More Employees

There are a few employees that companies and corporations need to function properly, without turning to bankruptcy in a few years. Being a good employee, at a good job, is the ultimate dream; as business owners, are we hiring the right type of employees?

New job applicants to fill in new positions

Let’s take a look at 5 signs we need to watch out for to ensure our business has the right type of employees.

1. Not Enough Diversity

Take culture, race/ethnicity and gender out of the equation. One of the signs your business needs more employees to do their job… is to hire employees with as wide and distinct skill-sets as possible. Have a few employees who make great mentors, and are considered to be “company teachers.” Be sure to also look for researchers, or people who prefer to spend hours upon hours delving deep into every crevice of knowledge. Employees who want to continuously learn are a Godsend, as they continually find new ways for improving your bottom line.

2. Rookies

While it’s true that everyone starts somewhere, if you’ve been in business long enough, you know what rookies sometimes cost more money than their value is to the company. Senior employees, and even executives, who make constant mistakes that a rookie/newcomer would make need to have their future at the company reconsidered. It is a fact that a lot of us can’t work at 100% all the time – take the workload off your current team by bringing in new members to the teams and departments.

3. No Applicants

If you put an ad out, send recruiters to job fairs, and put the word out that you’re hiring… and nobody’s biting… you may need to rethink your offers or benefits packages. As employers’ struggle to attract new employees, a lot of businesses often offer higher salaries and better perks. For example, sales jobs in Los Angeles might look more attractive because a lot of companies are losing the “suit and tie” dress code.

More employees

4. Avoid Burnout

One of the signs that your current employees are suffering is their lack of laughter. People who enjoy themselves at work are inclined to laugh more often, and willingly. Employees who do not laugh may need an extended break – longer than the standard weekend break. Unhappy employees, science shows, are far less productive, and a number of people who dread working is a sign that you either need new employees or need to change your management skills.

5. Is The Boss Hated?

Entrepreneurial counselor Michelle McQuaid reported that bad bosses are expensive, to the tune of costing companies $360 billion each year. If you notice an odd number of workers leaving, months after hiring them (or seeing a drop in performance), it’s time to ask yourself—or whoever owns the company—what the problem is; in some cases, the boss is the problem. An alarming turnover rate is one sign that should set off warnings that something at the business isn’t right. Pay special attention for the number of employees who constantly avoid you (or the boss) whenever possible. In the work environment, inspiring fear in people does nothing for productivity and work ethic, and owners who would rather be feared than loved shouldn’t be surprised that nobody likes them.


Obviously, if your business has a number of customers and clients that you can’t keep up with: congratulations! Your business is successful, for now, and hiring employees is a no-brainer. However, implement these strategies for determining if the company needs new employees who will do their job better.


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