4 Tips to help you rock your LinkedIn company page

Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? A great company page can be so much more than just an extension of your HR, but an actual hub where your audience can get valuable news and information about your business and your industry.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 4 tips that will help you rock your LinkedIn company page.

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But before we get to the tips, here are a few basics about your Page that you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’ve completed your entire Company Page
  • Add your company logo as your “profile picture” – LinkedIn claims that companies that use their logo on their Pages get 6 times more traffic to their Pages than those who don’t
  • Add a cover image that not only looks great, but also showcases who you are as a business. You can easily create LinkedIn banners with Canva and use one of their templates to get you started:
  • Write a compelling “About Us” and make sure to offer all relevant information, like what your company is and what you do, what your values as a company are, where your company is located, and how people can reach you
  • If you have a global audience, make sure to set up your Company Page in the relevant languages so you can reach and engage more of your audience

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, read on to find out what the 4 tips are that will help you rock your LinkedIn Company Page:

Optimise your Company Page for SEO

Optimizing LinkedIn for search

People often search for companies with keywords – not by their names. That means that if you don’t optimise your Page for search engines, you might lose some great opportunities for connections and followers.

A well optimised Page will not only help you rank better on LinkedIn search results – but also on other search engines, like Google.

So the better you optimise your page, the bigger your reach will be.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to optimise your LinkedIn Company Page – follow these SEO strategies:

  • Use lots of keywords on your Company Page and especially in the About Us section: research keywords and make a list of the long tail keywords that your audience would use. For example, take a look at Schneider Electric’s About Us section, which is filled with keywords right from the start:

It’s especially important to add lots of keywords in the first 156 characters of your company’s description, because that’s how much Google search previews of this text

  • Link to your Company Page where possible: use your website and blog to promote your LinkedIn Company Page (as well as your other social media profiles) or simply to link to it (with social buttons)
  • LinkedIn also recommends you share more relevant content, consistently (preferably on a daily basis) as this will help boost your page as Google indexes these pieces of content; the more content you share that your audience engages with, the more it will boost your search engine optimisation

Create Showcase Pages to highlight your business and projects

LinkedIn Showcase page example

Showcase Page example: Office

Showcases Pages are essentially extensions of your Company Page (which are free, by the way) which were created by LinkedIn to help companies put the spotlight on:

  • A brand
  • A business unit
  • A company initiative

So, for example, if on your Company Page you would share content that is relevant to most of your audience, your Showcase Page are all about targeted audiences. For example, Microsoft’s Company Page has more than a dozen Showcase Pages for all their different products and audiences:

So if they’re customers are only interested, for example, in Microsoft Learning, they can follow its Showcase Page so they only get the content that is relevant to them.

Use this feature to highlight specific products or services you sell or a new initiative you’re proud of and want to promote and then share content regularly that is targeted to that specific audience.

However, be aware that if you’re going to create a Showcase Page, then you need to commit to it and publish new content consistently (new articles/blog posts, slides, images and videos, and so on).

Create a diverse posting schedule

LinkedIn posting schedule

As I mentioned earlier, Google takes into account the content you share on your LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages so they can make an impact on your SEO (especially the more people engage with your content).

That said, it’s not the only reason why you need to share content regularly – that’s how you grow your audience, how you keep them interested, and how you nurture them into hopefully becoming your customers – or, encouraging them to buy more from you.

That’s why it’s very important to create a diverse social media calendar for your LinkedIn Company Page:

  • Establish the times you’re going to publish content (LinkedIn audiences are most active during work hours – especially in the mornings, as per LinkedIn’s own recommendations)
  • Publish new updates every day
  • Add relevant keywords in your updates to boost your SEO and gain more followers and engagement
  • Always include an image (or other types of media) whenever you share something on your Pages as they tend to attract attention and generate more engagement (up to 98% higher comment rates for images, according to LinkedIn).

Here are a few ideas of the types of content that you can share:

  • News about your company, CEO, or employees
  • Share informative articles and other resources from your blog
  • Become a thought leader by sharing more industry news and industry articles that provide a lot of value to your target audience

When you share content on your Pages, make sure to try to engage your audience; for example, ask them questions, ask for their opinions, ask them if they have any questions for you, and so on.

Nurture your followers into becoming clients

Successful client meeting

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is pretty much a dream come true. Not only can it help you generate more leads and discover more sales prospects, but you can also the same platform to nurture your leads into becoming clients.

The first step in doing so is posting valuable content consistently and encouraging people to engage – as mentioned earlier – and preferably, also create Company Showcase Pages for targeted groups of your audience.

Then, it’s all about engaging your followers consistently: respond to comments and engage with other people’s content (share, like, comment).

Keep track of any potential prospects that catch your eye – people who consistently engage with you, as well as any people who show an interest in your products or services.

To help manage your Company Page, use a tool like Agorapulse as you’ll be able to collaborate with team members to manage and respond to your comments and for LinkedIn publishing/scheduling, plus you can also run unlimited LinkedIn reports and keep track of your fans and followers with tags (for example, if they engaged with you before, they’ll automatically get an “engaged” tag) as well as custom labels (for example, hot/cold lead, prospect, and so on), using the built-in CRM tool:

Another good option with similar features is Sprout Social, which you can also use to collaborate with team members, check and respond to your comments, publish and schedule updates, and to check your Company Page’s analytics.


Make the most of your LinkedIn Company Page and it will help you build up your authority, reach your target audience, and generate more leads for your business.

However, just like with any social network, you need to be consistent and post new content, engage, and optimise your LinkedIn content strategy.


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