6 Ways Call Center Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Grow

Felix Dennis, co-founder of Dennis Publishing said: “I have an over-attachment to precision, which is why I’ve sold more magazines than any man alive.” Having an over-attachment to precision will keep your business alive. Being precise with your money, and executing an excellent business budget, will show you how to build an unbeatable customer support. One way to do so is by outsourcing your call center.

Call center outsourcing

Here are several benefits as to why that is.

1. Constant Support

No company is exempt from bad weather, power outages and acts of God. This means that in-house call center is at the risk of natural disasters, and may not always be fully operational. This is why outsourced call center providers are an excellent investment: they can handle calls no matter the weather or significant worldly event.

2. Lower cost per call and order

Operations managed internally are more expensive per order and per call, especially over time. These costs add up, drastically reducing the funds available for small to mid-sized companies on shoestring budgets.

Many people make the unbeatable argument that an outbound call center reduces the costs of recruiting, training and retaining qualified representatives. However, in order to determine if these centres actually make your business grow, determine the total cost per transaction of orders and calls. This includes payroll, benefits, supervisors, utility costs as well as IT systems, HR recruiting, etc. Then, once you have hired a center, determine the costs per transaction again and compare expense costs.

3. Reduce Frustrations

Being able to take calls on short notice, during off-the-clock hours of operation, spells the difference between professionalism and amateurism. The function of call centers and customer service agents are to respond to customers, by providing a professional and useful service. Outsourced agents reduce the amount of time customers are stuck waiting on hold – which is a sin committed by many large corporations.

4. After Hour Support

Call center companies are designed to circumvent “rush hour” call volumes. This means that outsourced centers will naturally provide after-hour support – long after office hours are closed.

Depending on the company that provides the center, they will also expertly handle an overflowing amount of incoming calls and emails – taking the load off your business’ representatives. This means that your business will still be helping your customers long after your office has closed.

5. Up To Date

Be warned: there are a countless number of call center firms. Not all of them will be thoroughly up-to-date about current sales methods, or even use the most recent technology available on the market. Make sure that your call center firm is right for you by evaluating the tech they use as well as what methods they use.

6. Saves Capital Funds

We already talked about the benefits of tech in the last point. To reiterate, companies that don’t stay current with recent technologies are not as efficient as other outbound call centers. Whether that means chatting, VoIP, online shopping support, scheduling software, or interactive training systems… the fact is that this tech drastically avoids capital investment. This capital can then be used on other initiatives that grow your company (in profitable ways).

The more current the tech that call centers used, the more capital that is saved.


When you’re growing your business startup, every expense is important – and every penny certainly matters. Remember: the bottom-line is to improve the efficiency of your business, in every regard. This means upgrading your call center agents to optimise the efficiency of customer service.


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