8 Best Places to Buy a Business in Florida

Looking to buy a business for sale in Florida is quite an informed move. If you come across someone specifically looking for a business owner selling his venture in the state, he must have done a comprehensive business analysis of the economic environment. Florida is a very fertile location for any given business.

Aerial of Doral Florida

The market is enormous, as you can imagine how much more of a population it attracts, both in terms of the local population and in terms of tourism. While looking for a business for sale in Miami Florida might be your go-to move, there are many other cities in Florida that you can take a look at to buy a business.

1. Doral

Why Doral? Doral city’s economy is driven by logistics, trade, finance, and tourism. The reason why there seems to be a significant here is thanks to its proximity to the Miami’s port. This makes Doral the best place to look for a business that is on sale. More so, you will be able to get free access to the Florida Small Business Development Center for business consulting. You will get expert advice on how to manage the new business you acquired.

2. Maitland

Maitland offers you the best opportunities to grow your businesses through business coaching, facilitation of small business loans and entrepreneurship seminars via its chamber of commerce. Not only does the city provide you an excellent chance to find someone to sell you their business, but also gives you the opportunity to grow the business after purchasing it.

3. Palatka

Palatka city is another location that offers you the chance to interact with business owners. It means that it is the best place you can be if you are looking for someone who is selling their business. You will not have to worry about outrageous housing costs for your business, which will cut down on operations costs. You’ll also be able to benefit from free small business development services provided through a partnership between the U.S Small Business administration and the University of North Florida .

Palatka Bridge

4. Naples

If you want to buy a tour guide or transportation business, then this is the best place to go. Naples economic activities are mainly based on tourism. It is said that in Naples, there are 50 businesses for every 100 people. There is no way you will miss out on someone wanting to sell a business. If you are looking for a restaurant business to buy, you are in even in more luck, as restaurants and local retailers get support.

5. Sebring

It is incredible how all-around Florida is when it comes to business. The city is well known for agri-businesses. If you are more inclined towards trading agricultural products, you might want to consider paying more attention to Sebring city. It is the best place to find businessmen selling poultry businesses, cattle rearing, and citrus farming businesses.

6. Longwood

While looking for the perfect business to buy, among the factors you need to look at is the cost associated with running the business. Among the significant expenses that businesses have to deal with are transportation costs. As you go to buy the business of your choice, it is good that you be aware that the business is bound to benefit from the proximity of the city to Orlando, which is just twelve miles away.

Longwood, Florida

7. Stuart

While it may just appear to be a small city located in the north of West Palm Beach, Stuart boasts hundreds of businesses. What this tells you is that there is ample opportunity to bump into someone wanting to sell a business that is doing well.

8. Orange City

Orange city is famous for being a tourist destination that hosts thousands of tourists visiting every year. The city is home to some of the oldest businesses in Florida. A fact that speaks volumes about the strong business culture of the city. Among all the aforementioned cities, “OC” should be one that offers you an immediate opportunity to buy a business. One hundred business licenses are issued every year. Because of this, there is a ton of opportunity to run a business in this city. Go ahead and search for a business for sale in this city and you’ll be able to tap into the endless possibilities of the market.


Florida has many cities that are booming in business. Knowing what these cities are will help you make a more educated decision on where to start looking for a business for sale.


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