Why Should You Buy SaaS Startups? Get an Overview

Want to buy a business but don’t know what to buy? Buy a SaaS startup as it is definitely one of the most demanding sectors that can give you handsome ROI in today’s marketplace.

Buy a SaaS startup

If you don’t know what SaaS software is and want to know about it and the benefits associated with buying it, read on and you will get to know everything.

What is SaaS Software?

SaaS stands for software as a service. It is a kind of cloud model where users don’t have to download the software on their system and can use the services online. For example, Google docs where users don’t have to download the software in their system and can access it online, from any corner of the world by logging into their Google account.…

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Why You Should Consider Buying an Existing Business

For many years, experts have been predicting that Baby Boomers (around 72 million Americans) would over the course of the following two decades, begin to sell or bequeath some $10 trillion worth of assets, held in over 12 million privately owned businesses, according to research by the California Association of Business Brokers. Research suggests that as much as 70% of these firms will either be sold or bequeathed. Clearly, this suggests an increase in the average annual number of businesses sold in the United States.

Merger and acquisitions

Many of these sales may occur within the Baby Boomer cohort, who, statistics tell us, form businesses at higher rates than any other cohort in America.…

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What I’ve Learned From Buying 8 Companies in 13 Years

Which companies are on your shopping list?

Some entrepreneurs like building their own business infrastructure, but I like to go out and buy it. I don’t want to start from scratch when someone else has already created a working business model supported by high-value resources and proven cash flow. But no company is perfect — to buy a company is to inherit a set of problems on their way to becoming a solution.

Business acquisition deal

Acquisitions are expensive and time-consuming, but they grant business leaders access to a new pool of resources to more fully achieve their vision.

Between 2000 and 2013, I bought eight companies and assembled a vibrant, harmonious portfolio.…

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8 Best Places to Buy a Business in Florida

Looking to buy a business for sale in Florida is quite an informed move. If you come across someone specifically looking for a business owner selling his venture in the state, he must have done a comprehensive business analysis of the economic environment. Florida is a very fertile location for any given business.

Aerial of Doral Florida

The market is enormous, as you can imagine how much more of a population it attracts, both in terms of the local population and in terms of tourism. While looking for a business for sale in Miami Florida might be your go-to move, there are many other cities in Florida that you can take a look at to buy a business.…

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