Interviewing Candidates Remotely: Things to Keep in Mind

The recruitment process is vital to the proper functioning of an organisation. While interviews remain the most popular way to assess candidates, it is not always possible to set up a face-to-face interaction.

Remote job interviews

To overcome the costs and problems of an in-person interview, recruiters can interact with candidates remotely, over the phone or a video call. Remote interviews, although cost and time-effective, may not always be productive, unless conducted efficiently.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while interviewing candidates remotely.

Identify the Right Candidates

The company must first identify the qualities it seeks in a candidate – the level of education, skills, and other important achievements. This can help you narrow down on a list of possible candidates, saving you time and hassle. Also, consider candidates who are well-prepared in presenting themselves to your job opportunities – such as those who take case interview coaching programs, for example.

Communication with Candidates

Remote interviews are significantly different from in-person interviews. This means preparations for them must be different too. Clear communication with the candidate about the mode of interview, date and time, and any additional information will help you prepare for it with ease.

Preparation of Questions

A structure must be created for the interview and questions should be asked accordingly. As the candidate isn’t present in person, judging body language and facial expressions can be tricky. This means that the questions must be probing and get to the heart of the matter.

Use of Current Technology

Make sure to use up-to-date software as well as the latest hardware for the process. You can skip the phone and use video calling as they give the in-person feel without compromising on the quality of the interaction.

Skill-Based Tests

Before conducting interviews, it may be wise to conduct a skill or personality-based test to weed out candidates who do not fulfil the criteria set forth by the company. If conducted before the interviews they narrow the list of possible candidates. And if conducted after the interviews they help pick out the best fit for the position.

Use of Manpower Consultancy Services

Recruiters can opt for companies providing manpower consultancy service providers who can conduct remote interviews for the hiring company. This way the company can outsource their hiring process to expert recruiters.

Take Care of the Details

The tiny, sometimes overlooked details, such as clutter around the desk, noisy environment, and adequate lighting should be taken care of before the interview. Have a clean, organized desk, make sure you are in a peaceful and brightly lit room before the process starts. Make sure the candidate is relaxed and the recruiter is friendly and honest.

Use of technology in the recruitment process can not only save cost and time but may also get you that perfect candidate who would have gotten away due to geographical distance or a busy schedule. The process may seem daunting in the beginning but with these tips, interviewing remotely should be a breeze.


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