5 Best Uses of Custom Canopy Tents to Showcase Your Brand

Is your business participating in an outdoor event this year? Are you looking to increase the buzz about your business? Canopy tents are massively important marketing tools for companies who know how to use them. Not only can they be repeatedly used for different occasions, they practically raise brand awareness for you.

Custom canopy tents

Here are a few ways you can effectively make the most out of custom canopy tents.

1. Grand Openings

If there’s a bomb inside your head for making your business remembered, custom canopy tents are a godsend for grand opening day. This is because the public, your investors and industry competitors may all be looking at you – and first impressions are everything.

Little else spells future success like a uniform business – an image which tents help project, as long as your designer knows what they’re doing when it comes time to put the canopy tent together.

2. Trade Shows

Attending trade shows, no matter the industry, is almost everything in business. At trade shows, getting the attention of prospects is everything. Since companies and businesses from all over the world gather into one place, canopy tents practically advertise for you and help you stick out from the faceless masses.

One of the large reasons they are so effective is because passersby can immediately see your company’s logo and learn what you’re about at that very moment.

3. Anniversary Sales

Not many businesses stick around for more than three-five years. If you’ve been one of the fortunate few and are looking for new ways to showcase your appreciation to your customer base, there’s no refreshing way for saying “thanks” than displaying a customer celebration canopy tent. Use of these is usually most effective during anniversary sales and unique events. This will make your loyal customers feel valued, like your relationship with them is more than your willingness to keep the sales machine rolling.

4. Business Conventions

Everybody who’s been to a business convention knows how cutthroat they can be, since they’re a far cry from the family-friendliness of trade shows. Wondering what the difference between trade shows and conventions are? Easy: shows are exhibitions for companies to demonstrate what products and services they have.

Conventions are usually a formal meeting of representatives or delegates. Canopies, when designed properly, may show those reps and company delegates why your business is worth talking about. These formal business conventions are an excellent platform for your business to distinguish itself as the “go to” professional company – especially if you’re in an industry with a lot of copycats who offer similar services.

5. Tailgating

If you’re a part of civilization, chances are that your region has at least 2 or 3 sports teams. Whether that’s hockey, English soccer, football, etc., the fact is that you will show your community that your business supports the victories of local superstars.

Be sure to bring your customized canopy tent to the next tailgate party – even if you don’t attend with the intent to sell anything. Nothing brings pride amongst people when local businesses stand behind them.


As we’ve just discussed, there truly is no competition when it comes to using custom canopies. Their possibilities are endless – the limit is as far as your imagination can reach. The truth is: people won’t feel so deserted come Summer, when they have a shady place to save themselves from the sun’s sweltering rays.

There are always plenty of options to choose from as long as you know a little about the principles of good graphic design.

Photo credit: Joel Kramer / Flickr


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