JD.com Strikes a Luxury Brands Deal with Farfetch

JD.com is the largest retailer in China that has transformed e-commerce business in the country. For a long time, China has been associated with counterfeit products, but this has changed since this company joined the e-commerce platform in 2004.

JD - Farfetch partnership

Under the leadership of Richard Liu, the founder and company CEO of this company, consumers in China and other parts of the world now enjoy superior products that epitomize high quality and which delivered with great care to the customer.

JD.com X Farfetch

One of the areas where the company has invested in aggressively in the past few years is fashion design. Fashion is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and therefore the company is positioning itself as a leader in this field.

In 2017, JingDong appointed Xia Ding as the president of international fashion. Her role is to facilitate the growth of the fashion department in the company to the extent that it can compete with other major e-commerce brands in the world such as Walmart, Alibaba, and Amazon. The appointment of Ding has come as the much-needed input into the organization for it to conquer the field of fashion.

Since she took over, JingDong has made tremendous progress. It has already established a $400 million investment with Farfetch, a London-based fashion firm. Also, they have created a digital platform known as TopLife to allow major fashion brands in the world to open digital stores in China.

JD.com is now into luxury fashion brands. Through the partnership with Farfetch, over 300 million JD customers will be able to access top brands from Farfetch via JD app.

The partnership between JD and Farfetch was established in 2017, and since then, the former has benefited from the large JD’s customer base and advanced logistics infrastructure. JingDong has shown clear signs that they are ready to invest heavily in the luxury fashion industry. They, therefore, have initiated measures to work with as many luxury brands in the world as possible to offer Chinese luxury customer unique shopping experience. Luxury brands are facilitated through luxury warehousing and JD Luxury Expres for delivery.

Since JD delved into e-commerce luxury business, a number of top luxury brands have made their debut in the industry through JD. It is expected that going into the future, JD will continue partnering with other luxury brands as it looks forward to making huge returns from this sector. Already, fashion design is one of the best performing departments at JD.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu founded JingDong in 1998 but renamed it JD.com in 2004 after going entirely into the internet business. At the time, the e-commerce sector in the country was not developed, and many consumers complained of faux products and price cheating. He decided to introduce new ways of doing internet business by applying advanced customer services strategies and cutting-edge technology. He ensured that all the products in the market were genuine and sold at the right price. In a few years, he had won the trust of millions of customers in China.

Today, JingDong is worth over $60 billion and applies the best technology to facilitate customer experience. The company is now using drones to deliver products to remote parts of India. In an interview at the World Economic Forum recently, Richard Liu said that he intends to see JD become the largest retailer in the world. He is optimistic that the investments that the company has done in the fashion design sector will pay handsomely.

JingDong considers fashion one of the sectors that will influence success in the internet marketplace.


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