What is PRINCE2 – The Best Training to Become a Certified Professional?

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments. It is basically defined as a project management method. It is equally used by both government and private sectors in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It was offered by Axelos. It aims to grow any organization to run its business in a more effective way. It was updated in 2017 offering more and better practice in project management.

Taking PRINCE2 courses and certifications

Key Features

  1. It is mainly concerned with business circumstances.
  2. It defines the main structure of business for the team of project management.
  3. It distributes the project into manageable phases.
  4. It gives firm control over project resources.
  5. It is good in controlling project risk.


In this age of economic competition, project management skills have gained much importance. Lack of these skills seriously affects the economy. It is stated by Computer World survey that about 40% of the businesses are planning to hire project managers. So there’s is a big scope in the field of project management. Also if any person is trying to use a new process for his business or add a new product is liable to look for a good project management method. So PRINCE2 is the best option to choose to help your business grow in an organized and managed way.

PRINCE2 Courses

PRINCE2 provides every skill to manage any kind of project. It is advantageous for both new business products and for skill learners.

The courses offer practical learning theory derived from vast experience in the project management field. It has multiple disciplines and activities required for a project manager, which makes it suitable for developing skills for managing projects successfully and confidently.

PRINCE2 Project Management Course

PRINCE2 project management course has 7 main principles to provide a good practice of any framework:

  1. Business justification: The clear statement regarding time and investment in project management should be clearly made to justify.
  2. Learning experience: A proper record of learning experience should be maintained to evaluate the overall progress in the learning process.
  3. Responsibilities: A clear description of the roles of people involved in a project should be defined.
  4. Stage Management: The project should be divided into stages keeping in view the nature of the project.
  5. Managing independently: A well-established project has no need for a manager’s interference and opinion.
  6. Product Based: Project management should focus on the product and its expected market.
  7. Customization: The projects which tailor or customize PRINCE2 to their needs are expected to grow more.

PRINCE2 training Levels

It offers two training levels:

1. Foundation Course

This course is the best for the starters. It provides learning in basics methods of project management and important knowledge about PRINCE2 project management team. It makes you learn supporting methods of project management. It has no formal entry test requirements. Just you need to take an online examination of multiple choice.

2. Practitioner Course

This is a second step after achieving foundation course. It is helpful in enhancing your knowledge and practice. It gives you further knowledge to build your concepts and practically apply them as a project manager. Foundation course is necessary to understand the practitioner course completely. This course could be passed by taking a two and half hour MCQs test.

PRINCE2’s 7-Step Process

PRINCE2 has a 7 step process to make you a leading and competent project manager. These are helpful in making you efficient in managing the project.

1. Start of a project

It contains a brief of business and the methods to implement the project practically. It also includes the assigning of a project to a particular person and a complete action plan step by step. Advance planning about details of the project is also a part of this start-up stage.

2. Project Progression

A complete analysis is made to understand the project goals, reasons, impending risks and benefits expected from the project.

3. Project Direction

It is helpful in making smart strategies to make every person involved in the project answerable. They have the authority to question any project detail or working. They also take into consideration the post-project benefits.

4. Stage Management

This involves the process of managing the appointed tasks, supervising the working and issue resolving related to project progress. It submits this whole report to the project board. During this process, project status is reviewed and its quality is checked after its completion

5. Delivery

It is mainly concerned with the delivery of project product and maintaining cooperation between team and project manager. It is also associated with task delivery within the assigned deadlines maintaining quality

6. Project Stage Management

In this procedure, the overall performance of the project, planning, and updates are discussed. This kind of information is very useful in assessing the work performance of each stage.

7. Project Hand Over

This process shows the overall performance of the assigned project. It evaluates the achievement of expected goals within a prescribed time period. Products are handed over to project manager after completing all this process.

PRINCE2 Certification

After completing your training course, you will get a certificate for this course.

Certificate Benefits

The PRINCE2 certificate is a professional setting for your CV. Many leading companies require and prefer PRINCE2 certified staff for project management. It turns you into a professional and efficient project manager.

Role of PRINCE2 Certified Manager

A PRINCE2 certified manager delivers these credibilities to a business or organization:

  1. A consistent approach.
  2. A well-controlled and complete planning.
  3. Regular briefing about the development of a plan.
  4. Guarantee about project evaluation.
  5. Better control and strategy to restrain deviation from a plan.
  6. A proper involvement of the management team in the project.
  7. Better communication among all the project management entities.
  8. A record of lesson and experience gained.
  9. A strategy to enhance project management skills of all organization members.

Let’s Start

Now you are looking for best training for PRINCE2 so here it comes PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training. This course of international standard offers training for the PRINCE2 foundation as well as Practitioner training in the price of one. It also delivers a common vocabulary to help effective communication. Its participants become fully aware of their role as efficient project managers.


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