4 Misconceptions About Content Marketing You Need To Know

The concept of content marketing is in a constant state of evolution. Content marketers are regularly working to strive for perfection in this field, however, it’s a long term process. But currently, many misconceptions and false statements are being promoted regarding content marketing. This prevents other people from attaining success in using content marketing to promote businesses.

Content is king

Thus, mentioned down below are four common misconceptions about content marketing.

1. Content marketing is digital

Content marketing has a long history and for centuries people involved in business have been marketing with content without giving it a particular term. Even before the introduction of the internet, content marketing used to prevail and included conferences, lectures, seminars, industry reports, customer newspapers, specialized magazines, workshops, etc.

This means that it’s a misconception that content marketing is digital, whereas it’s actually the art of creating and promoting relevant and fresh information. You simply limit your action radius by thinking of content marketing only as a digital or online form of marketing.

2. Creating content is content marketing

Content marketing is way more than just coming up with content. It involves creating strategy that includes certain vital concepts such as content distribution, communication, and customer interaction. Before getting into this field, you must have a clear cut idea about the goals that you wish to achieve.

Thus, content marketing is not merely creating content over the internet; it’s an entirely different concept. The various aspects of content marketing require a proper editorial calendar and you might also need the help of your staff for content distribution. Thus, you need to have an appropriate set of guidelines and instructions when you get into content marketing.

3. Content curation makes you an expert

Content curation and sharing other people’s content is getting more popular day by day. This might surely give you extra help in content distribution if you have an abundance of outstanding content to promote. Yet, sharing other people’s content doesn’t make you a leader in this field.

If you know where you can find relevant content, then it surely makes you a good researcher, but definitely not a leader in content marketing. Authentic content marketing involves curating personal outstanding content, but simply sharing other’s work will solely make you a mouthpiece for other people’s content.

4. Every content is a good content

Often, over various social media platforms, people focus on creating a huge quantity of content instead of creating quality content. You can easily gain what you want by curating an outstanding piece on the right outlets or channels. This will give you more attention, feedback and enhanced branding than hundreds of cheap pieces of content will.

Thus, it’s a misconception that every piece of content is good, so focus on quality rather than quantity to gather more appreciation and attention over the various social media platforms. Moreover, the risk of creating an excess of any undesirable content is that it can easily backfire and your audience will mark you as a spammer. Thus, clear your doubt about various misconceptions related to the field of content marketing so that you can apply its principles for marketing success.


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