20 Surprising Facts About Healthcare Industry in United States

The healthcare industry in the US is pretty complex. Without further adieu, check out some of these surprising facts.

US healthcare industry trends 2019

  1. Physicians, too, are not satisfied with all the attention that they receive throughout those short interactions with their doctors.

  1. Medical error could be the third most common reason of death here, and only severe heart ailments and most cancers kill several more US citizens, according to CNBC. Over two million sufferers pass away as a result of medical errors annually, a number that in percentage is around 10 per cent of all U.S. fatalities.

  1. AAMC reports that the US could have a shortfall of health problems, owing primarily due to the growth of older people and the rise in the age of the general population.

  1. We do not have a shortage of doctors. Rather, medical class sizes have been increased by 30%. The problem is with federal funding, where since 1997, no increases have ever been made.

  1. Even those who manage to make it to medical school spend large amounts of money for their education. This results in many students ultimately graduating in debt.

  1. A doctor is currently a high-paying career, and American medical practitioners have a number of the top salary worldwide, with the usual pay scale beginning from $185000 per year.

  1. Insurance primary executive officers, CEOs, hospital directors and healthcare industry administrators earn several more dollars than all the people working in the industry, it is documented.

  1. Appeals into Medicare must be filed over three months from the most lenient states, together with more stringent deadlines in some places.

  1. Lately, Americans reveal that more people prefer Medishare, a system where members of the Christian community share each other’s medical expenses as a community and brotherhood gesture. How does Medishare work? This website has some answers.

  1. People who are denied health insurances make up a very common problem in the United States. It is said that government sources have recorded 40% of medical insurers refusing to cover medical expenses of US patients.

  1. Relevant health insurance businesses have been faced with legal charges owing to their inability to clear funds for valid health insurance appeals.

  1. Approximately only half of all the appeals which are contested get covered, it is reported. This too only happens when people put in their own money and time behind the project.

  1. Only under half — 49 per cent — of Americans obtain their health insurance by their company. The next group or the majority that follows does not show too much promise either. Around 7% remain uninsured from medical problems to this day, which when translated in numbers, provides a sorry figure.

  1. For workers and companies alike, steep healthcare costs are a problem. Many firms spend close to millions on healthcare coverage for their workers, in the absence of proper healthcare schemes in place.

  1. As you grow older, you will be required to spend largely on healthcare costs. An ailing and retired couple spends close to a million dollars on retirement during their retirement rather than counting the cost of over-the-counter drugs or perhaps the cost of living in a nursing home like Assured Assisted Living CBS News claimed. 

  1. Fears around not being able to pay for health insurance or medical maintenance are one of the very best explanations for why people in America have been facing retirement. By 2000 to 2016, the range of Americans 65 and elderly working full time part-time climbed by 6 per cent to comprise nearly 9 million people, as stated by the Pew Research middle.

  1. Considering the expensiveness of medical care, many families now face medical debt. This directly affects their charge files, by NBC information — processing invoices in groups rendering it increasingly burdensome for individuals to engage in additional activities, such as procuring a mortgage or purchasing a home.

  1. A very shocking reality in the American health sector is that despite the presence of medical insurance, several families in the country are unable to pay off their bills. This can be attributed to the high cost of healthcare.

  1. Business Insider says that around sixty per cent of all Americans surveyed for support Medicare through several apps and platforms.

  1. The previous twenty years have been bad for the common American patient. Prices have skyrocketed by over 70%, making this one of the most disappointing industries in the United States.

As you see, these facts give you an idea about how things are around the country and where we need to improve.


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