Customer 360: No-Nonsense Shortcut to a Successful Account Based Marketing

The newest feats of Salesforce comes in the form of Customer 360.

Structuring and streamlining data files, emails, logs, transactions and whatnot, Salesforce Customer 360 presents the ultimate shortcut to nurture every lead in the best way possible.

Salesforce Customer 360 overview

And if you have not been paying attention, here is how this brand new cross-cloud technology can help you in closing deals left and right.

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Customer 360 takes the unmatched customer relationship management platform Salesforce to another level with its ability to seamlessly connect with Salesforce applications and achieve a cross-platform unified experience for customers.

This technology holds the ability for enterprises to operate beyond the currently prevailing departmental approach of CRM. With its integrated design, Customer 360 provides the holistic image of customer relations, including, the profile, responsible employees and even every instance of communication.

This platform keeps the customer at heart of all business operations, through which it provides a dynamic approach for engaging them.

How Customer 360 helps you take care of your accounts?

While all the conventionally big data management tools, which help companies in keeping their customer data organized and also communicate with other applications, requires too much IT support and still do not provide a real-time data update feature.

Updating data in real time has become one of the biggest requirements of enterprises, especially when it comes to customer relations and data management. This might be because,

  1. There is a lot of data to organize
  2. There are higher chances of discrepancies in later data entries.

Customer 360 bridges this gap effectively. Not only does it works in real time, being a cross-cloud platform it operates from the core of the Salesforce ecosystem.

It works by assigning unique IDs to customers. So, even in the case of a disjointed scenario where customer interactions are from multiple points and no communication is effectively shared, this unique ID can work as an identifier which can connect independent systems.

So whether an account’s data is needed in the sales department, the operations department or the finance department, this ID will be enough to gather it in a heartbeat.

Another notable feature here is that Customer 360 is not making duplicate files or simply duplicating data but rather gathering the correct data from different sources.

In the case of Account Based Marketing, where nurturing a lead is critically based on the right data, this kind of technology can be wonderful.

Salesforce Customer 360 screenshot

What are the features of Customer 360?

1. Click-based interface

This kind of UI allows the system admins to connect different applications and form an authoritative data model which ensures unique identification of every customer across different connected databases.

What used to be done with the help of individual point connections, can be achieved today in a much more straightforward manner with Customer 360.

2. Unique customer IDs and Profiles

With the amalgamation of cross-cloud technology and unique IDs, customers can be recognized across different connected channels. This unique ID will also identify their entire profiles which might include their contact information, names, social media information, etc., besides their interaction details.

3. Special packages for different requirements

Customer 360 comes with pre-built packages for different categories of services that you opt for, including commerce and marketing clouds.

These packages are made to help companies to accelerate their experience deployment processe for commonly used cases.

Each cloud data will contain the relevant customer information which will be connected to Customer 360 and can be accessed from any system of the network.

However, the idea behind unifying all the customer data to create a 360 degrees view of the deal might have thought before, but its sophisticated execution by Salesforce is advanced and authentic.

This comes as a relief for the sales and marketing departments of companies where scattered and duplicate customer information was plaguing the deals.


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