Four Simple Ways to Speed up your Recruitment Process

Regardless of the type of business you run, finding and retaining the right people is essential. Sometimes, you will need people sooner rather than later. For example, if you suddenly get a big order you will need to recruit and train up new personnel very quickly. Not being able to do so, could easily lead to your failing an important new client.

Speed up recruitment process

Carry out your initial background searches online

Whenever you can, read an application the moment it arrives. If there are skills or qualifications that are vital, check to see if the candidate has those. This quickly sorts out the best candidates.

Next, carry out a basic background search. By far the fastest way to do this is to go online. White Pages is a very good option, they do offer free online background searches. That is quite rare. These days, most providers of this type of information charge for it.

You can find out a lot about potential candidates using this service. It includes a basic criminal records check. It is possible to search using the candidate’s name. But, a better approach is to use their email ID or home address. These types of searches will bring back a far smaller body of data for you to go through.

Tap into the power of LinkedIn

If everything looks good there, go straight to the candidates LinkedIn profile. Check that the details of their latest employer are included. This indicates that they have kept their profile up to date. Usually, on LinkedIn you will find more details about the type of work they have done than you would on the application. Plus, you will also be able to see skill recommendations from others.

Use social media to invite them to an interview

As soon as you think you have a promising candidate send them a message via one of the social media accounts they have provided or give them a call. Your aim is to agree on interview dates with the best candidates on the day you receive their application.

This sets the tone. It shows you are a serious employer who is genuinely interested in what they have to offer. Plus, this approach has the added benefit of reducing the chances that they will accept a position elsewhere while waiting to hear back from you.

Use a two-part interview process

If you feel comfortable doing so, conduct an initial interview via Skype. Most candidates will be able to do that interview within 24 to 48 hours. This helps you to quickly whittle down the pool of potential candidates.

You can ask important questions like – when is the earliest you could start. and what are your salary expectations? If they cannot start in time or their salary expectations are much higher than you can pay those potential candidates can be removed from the pool of contenders.

On the other hand, if the answers to your initial questions are promising you can delve a little deeper. This can either be done immediately or at a later date. It is up to you whether you conduct the final part of the interview face to face or via a video call.

Being able to conduct Skype interviews is a great skill to have. This article explains how it should be done. If you have never done one before take out an hour to conduct two or three practice interviews with a couple of your colleagues.


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