What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing

The best digital marketing strategies take companies to new heights. Since consumers spend a lot of their time online, successful companies reach them through various online platforms. From social media updates to website optimization, digital marketing is essential to business success.

Business owner devising digital marketing strategy

As a business owner trying to grow your brand, you need to upgrade your digital marketing strategy if you want to achieve your goals. Continue reading to learn what your digital marketing strategy is missing.

The Right Metrics

Firstly, you need to use the right metrics for your digital marketing strategy. Some businesses assume that they are acquiring accurate marketing data. Then, they have trouble understanding why their sales are not matching up with the information they are receiving. You can hit your download goal for your new mobile app, but only have a few satisfied, active users. Thus, the number of app downloads does not reflect your actual success rates.

To ensure that you measure success effectively, monitor retention, repeat usage and active membership metrics. In doing so, you will improve your digital marketing strategy.

Brand Voice Consistency

The top digital marketing strategies also contain brand voice consistency tactics. When companies lack this element, they struggle to continuously market to a specific target audience. Consumers want to follow a brand that has personality, not multiple personalities. They do not want to fully connect with certain posts and feel completely disconnected with others.

Tell your story through all of your digital marketing efforts. Use your story to create a persona around your company. If you stick with it, you will achieve a top-notch digital marketing strategy.

Multimedia Content

Moreover, your digital marketing strategy could be missing multimedia content. While written word does promote products effectively, companies without other forms of media on their sites do not achieve high rankings on search engines. As a result, they do not bring in more customers and have trouble growing. After all, most consumers avoid even clicking on the “next page” button when searching for products and/or services on popular search engines.

If you want to boost your rankings to reach more consumers, you need to use multimedia content in your digital marketing strategy.

Combining SEO And PPC

Often times, small businesses will invest in either SEO or PPC. However, you can combine your efforts for a greater return on investment.

When visitors see your listing in the search results multiple times, they are more likely to visit your site and purchase as well. Additionally, PPC advertising can provide useful data that impacts your long term SEO strategy. When leveraged together, running SEO and PPC together can deliver outstanding digital marketing results.

Omnichannel digital marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Another highly effective way to optimize your digital marketing strategy is to use omnichannel marketing methods. This type of marketing entails providing the same user experience on every online platform that you use.

Make it easy for your customers to use both your mobile app and your website. Your mobile app should include easy-to-use payment options. Similarly, your website should offer mobile-friendly options that eliminate any frustrations.

Offer the same user experience options across all channels to satisfy your customers, regardless of the platform they use. In turn, you will boost your sales and, therefore, marketing ROI.

Offline Touch Point Considerations

In addition to the above elements that your digital marketing strategy could be missing, consider offline touch points. Many businesses do not even think of offline touch points when developing a digital marketing strategy. They focus on the online factors. Contrary to popular belief, offline factors directly impact online marketing success.

You can boost your online metrics by taking advantage of your offline touch points. If you find that most of your customers react positively to physical signs outside of your storefront, put up signs that attract consumers to your website and social media pages. Advertise your mobile app when you ship out customers’ products. Use the various offline touch points to upgrade your digital marketing strategy.


Before you can grow your company, you need to optimize your digital marketing strategy. In order to reach more potential customers, use the right metrics. They include monitor retention, repeat usage and active membership metrics.

Create a persona around your brand on all of your online platforms and continuously advertise using that same personality. Implement omnichannel marketing tactics by offering the same user experience across every channel you use. Generate multimedia content for your website and social media pages. Keep your offline touch points in mind when attempting to improve your online advertising methods.

If your digital marketing strategy is missing these elements, incorporate them so that you can grow your company.


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