10 Things You Might Not Know About Python

Python is everywhere! No, we’re not talking about the longer, non-poisonous, slimy reptilian cousin of your average garden snake, but rather the programming language that has by and large taken over the IT industry.

Python programming language

If you are a developer, you know what I am talking about and chances are you already ‘speak’ Python and if you are not, you can just take a short Python course and be able to learn it easily owing to its reputation of being one of the easiest programming languages in the world. But even if you are a veteran, do you know everything about it? Before further ado, let’s look at some of the facts about Python you might not know.

1. It is named after a popular TV show

You guessed it, it is named after the Monty Python show and many of the examples and tutorials for the program include jokes from the show. In fact, you can do a quick online search and get hundreds of jokes related to Python which have been inspired by the show. However, a fair bit of warning, you should stick to the jokes only when you’re around programmers and NOT bring it up on a date.

2. It has been around for a long, long time

Shocking, isn’t it? Conceived during the 1980s and then implemented for the first time in 1989, Python has truly stood the test of time. It was initially thought of as a successor to the ABC language, it has undergone multiple changes from its original form to what we see today.

3. It was created in Netherlands

After its creation, it joined an elite list of Dutch inventions which include CDs, Bluetooth, Wi FI and microscope. The Dutch are something, aren’t they?

4. It is the most popular language for programming

This might not come as a shock to most of you. According to Google trends, it has surpassed JAVA to be the most popular language in the world, Also, did you know that after JavaScript, at 42% it’s is the most migrated to language? If you are a back-end developer, the chances are you would already have given the sheer number of open source programs written in it.

5. It’s more popular than French

In 2015, Python overtook French as one of the most popular languages in primary schools across the world. In fact, 6 out of 10 parents preferred their kids to learn Python than French.

6. It’s one of the official languages at Google

Owing to its massive popularity and portability, it is one of the main programing languages at Google. It is an easy language to use even when developing big and complex programs making it the go to language for writing some of their most famous products such as Google search and YouTube.

7. It is a common source of inspiration for many other languages

A side effect of being one of the most commonly used languages is that of imitation. However, it is also the greatest form of flattery and Python has all the reason to blush with the number of languages that have been created based on it. Languages such as Boo, Cobra and Swift, all heavily draw inspiration from Python and even use some of its syntax.

8. Python makes robotics possible

From tiny Raspberry Pi bots to massive robots with multiple degrees of freedom, Python is the preferred language for programming them, which allows the robots to react to the environment and perform desired actions. Since it’s easy to learn, a growing segment of non-programmers are learning and using Python to write codes creating an entirely new segment of Python users.

9. It is used in some of the coolest projects in the world

With its easy to understand syntax and execute open source tools, Python has a huge presence in machine learning and data science spaces. The language is also evolving fast within the data science space. This means that a whole lot of things from artificial intelligence and machine learning to scientific and numeric computing to a whole bunch of analytics and data interpretation for things like stocks, weather et al. are now being done using Python making it one of the most varied and flexible languages in the world

10. It is the future

Some of the topics touched up on earlier are bound to make you wonder, will a day arrive when its no longer possible to avoid learning the language? Well, don’t wonder, that day is probably here. If you don’t want to fall behind the pack, join a Python training course today. It is easy to learn and will definitely open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.


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