C++ Vs C Which is Better

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Coding using C language

In this article, we’ll contrast the C as well as C++ programs languages comprehensive as well as aid you to make a decision which to take into consideration finding out in this write-up.…

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Python

Python is everywhere! No, we’re not talking about the longer, non-poisonous, slimy reptilian cousin of your average garden snake, but rather the programming language that has by and large taken over the IT industry.

Python programming language

If you are a developer, you know what I am talking about and chances are you already ‘speak’ Python and if you are not, you can just take a short Python course and be able to learn it easily owing to its reputation of being one of the easiest programming languages in the world. But even if you are a veteran, do you know everything about it?…

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Java: The No. 1 Platform for IoT Development

Connected devices are now everywhere – from your smartphone, to your fridge, to home assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Internet of Things (IoT) will combine the power of voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make the next big revolution in tech happen. It is not about controlling home devices using voice commands anymore, it is about vast IoT networks that will have computing power greatly exceeding anything we have had in the past.

The global Internet of Things endpoint spending is forecast to exceed $3 trillion by 2020, when billions of connected devices will be installed in homes, vehicles, and industrial facilities.…

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