Surefire Ways to Keep Your Business Afloat During a Financial Crunch

Owning your own business is not as easy as some people think. It is actually a 24-hour job, especially when you’re just starting to grow your business because you have to think about so many things, from marketing plans, employee schedules, stock supplies, and more.

Keeping business afloat during crisis

But, of course, the financial rewards and the fulfillment that you get from managing something that is entirely your own cannot be beat. This is the main reason why there are many businesses in the world. Owning your own company is very rewarding, although it does entail a lot of work.

Some companies that are more stable, who want to grow and expand even more, consider going public. This means that a company offers shares of stocks to the market. The people who buy the shares own a little bit of the company, and they get to earn dividends.

Eventually, as the company grows, the price of the stocks also becomes bigger, so these stockholders can sell the stocks for a profit. To make sure your company is always cutting edge, you have to ensure that you sell the best dividend stocks so the clients will choose you over the many competing brands out there.

That being said, business can be tricky and things can be cyclical. There are moments when your company will have to plow through the hard times. Working hard to stay afloat during these rough moments is vital to the survival of your business. Remember, don’t give up because the hard times do not last forever.

Consider these tips when there is a financial crunch or downtime happening in your company:

Tighten your Budget

The primary thing that you need go get done when a disaster or hard times strike is to take a good look at your budget. Reassess everything and tighten up those parts that are losing cash fast.

Be merciless in your re-evaluation because a few loose dollars may seem small, but when compounded together, all of these can pile up and they will bleed you dry. Look at all the items in your spreadsheet in great detail. If bagels in the break room and magazine subscriptions for the staff seem superfluous as no one eats and reads them, then it is time to cut those off. Only keep and maintain those things that will add value to your business.

Never Dip Into Your Business Fund for Personal Expenditures

Make it a hard rule to compartmentalize everything. It is easy to be tempted to dip your hand in the business’s cash flow when you experience something in your personal life.

But DON’T.

Never ever compromise your business. Doing this comes with serious tax complications. On top of that, you risk disrupting operations when the money meant for supplies and inventory is used for something else. You will end up losing more money this way. Making this a pattern will undoubtedly drive your business to the ground.

Exhaust all other means first to solve your personal issues.

Debt renegotiation

Renegotiate Existing Debt

Debt is what keeps most entrepreneurs awake at night, especially during a financial crunch. How do you pay for all those business loans? Lenders and banks don’t care about your excuses. They don’t factor in that you’ve fallen on hard times. They just want you to pay them back regularly as stipulated in your contract.

If things are really difficult for you, be upfront with your lenders and bank manager. Talk to them about renegotiating the terms of your loan to make it a lot easier for you to pay them off. They can extend the term to make your monthly payments smaller or they can take mercy on you and even choose to lower the interest rate, especially if you have been a good client. There is no shame in asking for renegotiation. You’re not asking them to let you off from paying the bill. You just need a little bit of leeway and consideration.

Go ahead and ask because the worst that they can do is say no.

Trim Some Marketing Campaigns But Don’t Go Overboard

The bulk of your expenses come from marketing your business to your clients. But you cannot do away with marketing because you stand to lose a lot if you let it go. It is crucial for you to advertise your business so clients will always remember your brand.

Perhaps you can ditch the expensive marketing efforts, especially ones that don’t work. Go for the cheaper method like leveraging on social media marketing.

There are other ways and means to promote your business without killing your wallet.

Reach Out to Your Network

Last but not least, reach out to the people you know and ask them for help. If you’ve been in the business long enough, you have built a network.

You’ve probably helped someone before, so you can ask them for assistance this time around. You can also use your network to ask for better terms with your suppliers. There is nothing to be embarrassed about asking for help because it may take one or two favors from prominent people to help you get your business back on track.

Remember, hope for the best and always work hard.


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