How to Prevent Your Business from Defending Itself Against Injury Claims

Your business has enough to worry about without concerning yourself with defending the company against injury claims. That may sound like a strange idea when you first hear it verbalized, but consider the consequences of an employee or client in a business environment claiming an injury was caused through a negligent business practice.

Accidents cause workplace injury claim

Even a small injury can have serious consequences, and that means that even a small injury that leads to a settlement against the company can also cause bankruptcy.

Think of the few ways this might apply to your current situation. If you own a business or our manager, it’s essential to keep a lawyer on your side to understand the ramifications of lawsuits against you. Be explicitly sure that you safely maintain your external environment. In other words, do things like maintain your property and scrape ice off of your sidewalks.

Third, do everything possible to follow OSHA regulations. You don’t need to concern yourself only with potential client injuries – there’s also the matter of protecting your employees from doing unsafe things. That’s why OSHA regulations are there in the first place.

Keep a Lawyer On Your Side

As a businessperson, you understand about economics and practicality. Because of this, you know how important it is to be able to contact a personal injury lawyer if any person brings a suit against you. The time to find this personal injury lawyer is not after an accident or incident has already occurred. Be proactive and develop a relationship with an attorney’s office before anything bad happens.

Maintain Your External Environment

One of the quickest ways for a personal injury to directly affect your business finances is if someone is injured in a slip and fall incident on your property. If you have not maintained the landscaping around your storefront, and someone gets hurt, you are directly liable. Especially when it comes to something like ice on a sidewalk or puddles of water on a walkway, you need to make sure there is never any opportunity for someone to harm themselves, even if it is a case of them being inattentive.

Follow OSHA Regulations

If you’ve ever looked into OSHA regulations, you’ll notice there is a built-in conflict. On the one hand, the federal government is doing everything possible to protect employees. On the other hand, businesses are trying to find a way not to incur unnecessary expenses on items or processes that are inefficient or duplicative.

Regardless if you believe in them or not, following OSHA regulations will help you keep from getting sued from a personal injury suit brought on by an employee. Heed that warning, or suffer the possible consequences.


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